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 Sophie-doll is nearly 17 months old!

Time has passed so quickly – I can hardly believe she is a full-blown toddler now, always swirling, twirling, jumping and toddling out of my reach. She’s got such a strong and stubborn personality that is both frustrating but endlessly entertaining and endearing and has opinions on everything and anything. From what she wants to wear, to the shoes she wants to put on, the food she wants to eat and insisting on feeding, changing as well as walking herself, she is really becoming a little grown up and I’m so lucky to get to witness her development every step of the way!

This blog post will be one of our final installments of our What’s in Our Diaper Bag series (cries). We first wrote one when she was 3 months old, then 7 months, and now, she’s 17 months old!

Just look at that cheeky little cherub!


Now that she can walk, run, skip and hop, our needs have changed as well. We love our Pink Lining Diaper Bag to absolute death but I only brought it out when K was around because I couldn’t babywear and sling it at the same time (too heavy). But we use it a lot when travelling or on heavy-duty outings because we can keep soo many things in it and it’s outer waterproof material is so hardy.

But I’ve been on the hunt for a diaper bag that can be carried like a backpack for a loong time, especially since I am now a SAHM and leave the house alone with Sophie almost every day. I needed something that would keep me hands free and hold enough for a casual day out.

Then the lovely Mama Mag introduced me to Jujube Diaper Bags and I instantly fell in love. In fact, I ordered one after hemming and hawing for only two days. That has got to be a record. You can read her review at her blog!

I decided on getting the Jujube BFF (how cute is that?) in First Mate – a gorgeous navy and cream design. My clothes are usually a bit more colorful than the usual so I wanted something neutral but something a little cute at the same time that could keep my look a bit preppier on my dowdy Mummy-shirt-and-shorts days.

And I’m lovin’ it! We were not sponsored by JJB, by the way (I wish!) – I just really love the bag and want to share the poison love with all of you because its worked great for me 🙂



Here’s why its so great:

  1. Its super light. Really important if you have a ton of stuff to carry at the back and a fidget 10kg bag of rice in the front who doesn’t want to stay in her Tula.
  2. The design is to-die-for. Come on, don’t say you don’t think so too! Call me superficial, but I’m way more inclined to use my stuff when I think it looks great. Especially if its something I’m going to use, day in, day out.
  3. It’s got tons of “dedicated pockets”. As a habitually disorganized person, this makes me so happy because the bag tells me exactly where to keep everything instead of me just chucking it indiscriminately. There’s a camera pocket lined with microfibre cloth so you won’t scratch it, ditto a sunglasses pouch with anti-scratch fabric, compartments for cards, snacks, diapers, etc. An OCD person’s dream come true and a disorganized’s Mama’s handy helper.
  4. It can be worn three ways – as a bagpack, slung from your shoulder, or carried by the handle on the top.
  5. It’s a beautiful bag. Yup, BAG. So many people have complimented me on the bag without even figuring out its a diaper bag until they see the bottles sticking out on both sides.
  6. The straps are sooo comfy. They don’t hurt on my shoulders at all. Padded really well and the weight distribution is great.
  7. It comes with a whole range of matching accessories! Including that Pacipod which is lined with an anti-bacterial lining which you can use to store your pacis. What a fantastic idea!


What’s not so great about it:

  1. It’s not heavy duty enough for long days out. We pack a LOT of stuff into our bag. Our Pink Lining can hold everything plus more and a change of clothes + towel to boot, but JJB’s space would suffice only for probably a couple of hours out, which is usually good enough but not for travelling or say a day at the zoo with waterplay thrown in.
  2. The insulating pockets don’t work so great. With our Pink Lining, the insulated pockets are INSIDE the bag, which keeps the bottles warm for so long. JJB’s are semi exposed, which leads to the heat escaping pretty quickly despite the 3M thinsulate technology. This is a big minus for me as Sophie is a full-formula baby now and we need hot water for all her feeds.
  3. Its not as hardy as our Pink Lining. I felt it should be better made for the price – but the material is not as waterproof (but also not as stiff, which a lot of people don’t like, as the Pink Lining). However, the lovely sheen of the fabric does make it look extra luxe and less diaper bag-ish.

We bought our JJB BFF off but they are also available locally at Pupsik.

Next, what’s in our Diaper Bag at 17 months!



  • Scotch Food Scissors. Lifesaver, especially now that we let her eat the same food as us when we are out. This scissors is awesome for cutting up peskily chewy veggies, large hunks of meat, or difficult to scoop noodles. I panic when we don’t bring these out. I bought them from Cold Storage!
  • Snack Stax. Mama D from my mummies group recommended these Snack Stax compartments and they are a Godsend. We bring out three to four varieties of snacks for Little Miss Picky on any given day and they tended to separate and drift around our bag when we kept them in separate containers or the wet would mix with the dry if kept in the same lunchboxes. These keep the snacks crisp in air tight containers and they stack up so you won’t lose little packets. We bought them from Iherb!
  • Pink Lining Wipes Clear Bag. I keep my wipes, bottom balm and two or three Merries pants in this grab and go pouch from Pink Lining. Just the right size. This is from Sun Kiss Babies!
  • Pigeon Milk Powder Container. Can hold up to three feeds. Functional and easy to clean.
  • Cutlery – her favourite Le Petit Prince spoon which we sell at The Little Bow Company.
  • Spiffies – for cleaning her teeth if we’re outside and she eats ice cream or chocolate. Cannot let the sugar linger.
  • Avene Sunblock in a mini size because Sophie-doll just HAS to dash into every fountain we pass or run around crazily in open fields.
  • Mozzie patches – we go to water play parks, beaches and gardens a lot and this is great to keep most pesky insects at bay.
  • My selfie camera, which I use a LOT now that its usually just Sophie-doll and me when we head out and no one to help us with photos.
  • A solid-food bib. This one – Sakura – is from Elodie Details and the only one she will keep on! We stock it at The Little Bow Company.
  • Heather, her jellycat bunny.
  • A thermos of hot water and her Chu Chu Baby Mamacawa Bottle, and

 Right, before you start saying, what would you even need them for, I can tell you, YOU DO.

And here’s why.

  1. Toddler Poop is not Baby Poop. Toddlers take epic, mindblowingly stinky poops. And they don’t lie down there smiling at you beatifically. They struggle, they whine, and if they are like Sophie Rose, they attempt to remove the offending diaper. I’ve had to change her in the backseat of our car, hidden behind trees, etc. And then had to walk around holding a nuclear bomb in my HANDS while looking desperately for a bin. Motherhood, so glamorous.
  2. I can just use a changing room, you say. Well, if you start bringing your kids out to places which are not well-equipped malls, or travel, this will soon be a thing of the past. Halfway through the Botanical Gardens, your babe does a epic poop. Unfortunately, you cannot call the shitbusters.


And here’s how QuickGrab Nappy Disposal Bags fill in the gap.

  1. They are so thin, light and small yet durable that its a cinch to keep them in your diaper bag. Just pull out one (one-handedly) from the handy pack and toss the gross diaper in, and voila, chemical spill contained. 125 bags fit into one super light and compact packet.
  2. They are scented – its a lovely, baby powder scent that immediately neutralizes those nasty poopy odours. I can’t say enough how this has helped me save my face from burning red as baboon’s backside when I have to carry her diaper by hand looking for a bin while gagging.
  3. They are eco-friendly – this was a huge plus point for me. Previously we were using regular plastic bags and that was making me super guilty because they aren’t bio-degradable and we used so many. I feel so much more responsible now using these bags and knowing I’m not damaging the environment – the same environment my baby will have to grow up in. We’re pretty crunchy here in the Soh-Teo household and try to minimize our carbon footprint, so this fits in perfectly with our ethos.
  4. They are smartly designed. The handles are nice and long so you can easily tie a knot without having to fumble everywhere, and the size is just about right for one dirty diaper so you won’t have deflate it and release yet more noxious smells into the air.


I’ve been using them for over a month, and will be repurchasing. We were given one pack of these wipes to try and this is a non-obligatory review. 🙂 We only share what we love, and after we have tested them out long enough to vouch for them! Thank you Sue Ann for this product that’s now a staple in our diaper bag!


QuickGrab has also kindly offered a giveaway for three packets of these QuickGrab Nappy Disposal Bags for my readers. To enter the giveaway, simply enter the RaffleCopter contest below, and I’ll drop you an e-mail when the names have been drawn! No more poopy nightmares!

In the meantime, the bags are available for sale at Cubs of Joy, Vaby, Kulily and Mummy’s Market



a Rafflecopter giveaway


12 thoughts on “What’s in our Diaper Bag x 17 months x QuickGrab Giveaway

  1. xinlan285 says:


    Xin Lan


  2. Estella says:

    Joy is four and fully off diapers but when we travel she still puts on diapers so that we won’t fumble to find a toilet. We’ll be traveling a lot more now that she’s older and QuickGrab Nappy Disposal Bags sounds perfect!

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the blog post and the giveaway. It’s always nice to have a “peek” into what’s in other’s diaper bag so that I will have excuse to buy new items that I feel that it will be useful for my boy.
    I would like to win the disposal bag to try with so that I can stop harming the environment when I use plastic bags for my boy’s stinky diaper 🙂

  4. Zhiling says:

    love to see whats in everyone’s diaper bag! love your jujube!!! hope to win the nappy disposal bags for my son’s explosive poo! lol.. :p

  5. caiusandme says:

    Would like to win a packet of e disposal bag for my son’s poo!! It’s frustrating to keep stinky plastic bags inside my diaper bag when we still hv clean clothes n milk inside!

  6. caiusandme says:

    Would like to win a packet of e disposal bag for my son’s poo! It’s frustrating to keep stinky plastic bag inside my diaper bag together with the clean clothes n milk when we couldn’t find a bin!

  7. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for your review on the JJB bag! Have been contemplating to get it! 😀 I wanna try the nappybags! Eco-friendly X Hygiene X Cute X Easy to use ❤

  8. Julie tan says:

    Would like to win an try on the item
    Julie tan

  9. BAoxian says:

    Hi! The snack stax sounds good! Where can we get it? Thanks lots!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Baoxian, its from Iherb 🙂

  10. Jjb says:

    Hi , read that you bought the jujube bag from Amazon . Love their bags too .. How can we verify if it’s authentic ??

    1. libbyty says:

      I’m pretty sure those from Amazon are authentic, its sold on Amazon but fulfilled from JJB. Just make sure its not a reseller. These aren’t branded items, so buying from an authorized retailer should do the trick.

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