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Hey everyone!

Most of you who follow us on Instagram (@littlebowgirl, we update much more regularly there!)  would also know that Sophie-doll started school about 2 weeks ago 🙂

I’m saving our school-going experience for another post where I will share about how we picked her school and how its been for us so far, but today, I’m focusing on how we prepped, practically, for her first day of school!

Some things we needed to prepare for her first day were (she’s on a half-day session)

  1. A backpack big enough to hold half a day’s worth of essentials
  2. A new water bottle light enough to keep in her backpack, which would most importantly have to be leak proof, easy to hold and non-fragile
  3. Labels, because you have to label EVERYTHING!

Most schools will give you a packing list to prepare for your child’s first day, so you won’t have to worry! (We were super last minute about enrollment and ended up missing the orientation, so we had to call to find out what to pack!) But if you’re curious, here’s what I pack in her bag every day!

  1. A labelled ziploc bag with at least 5 disposable diapers
  2. A snack catcher with a small portion of either cookies or date balls
  3. Her water bottle
  4. A labelled ziploc bag with an extra set of clothes
  5. Her milk bottle and one helping of formula powder
  6. A packet of wipes

Well, Sophie-Rose is really super lucky because we were approached by Sticker Kid just a few weeks before school started and Mama also received some great products from Bloom and Grow Asia to review –  and we’re here to share our finds with you, along with discount codes and two wonderful giveaways that are perfect if your bub is about to start school. 🙂

*disclaimer* Sophie-doll and I received these items to give honest reviews about. We did NOT receive any monetary compensation and all opinions expressed are our own

First up, labelling

All the items in her bag need to be labelled – the rationale is simple, the teachers watch over so many kids at a time and its easy to mix everyone’s items up. So from uniforms, to shoes, bottles and bags, most schools require every item to be carefully and prominently labelled.

So yes, I could have just bought plain old black and white labels, but you guys should know by now that I just LOVE personalizing all of mine and Sophie’s stuff. I think it makes it easier, when they are colorful and distinctive, for the baby or child herself to spot and identify their own items.

I’ve ordered from other brands before, but was disappointed when the labels leaked color or started to peel after a few washes, especially in the case of her water bottle. So I actually took a while to decide to take up a collaboration with Sticker Kid – by reading other reviews online and reading up about the technology behind their stickers.

Here’s what convinced me to try them out

  1. It’s a small family run business started by a couple who have their own kids. If anyone knows best how to make kid’s products work, its hands-on parents who know exactly what we look for in a product!
  2. They started in 2004 – that’s a good ten years of product testing and experience.
  3. It’s a Swiss-made product. I have a lot of faith in Swiss-made stuff, be it watches, chocolates, shoes – they are often top quality, made with precision and thought and care, and of course, non-toxic.
  4. They are washing machine safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and water resistant. I have not experienced or seen any other product in the market that makes this promise, so I was really excited to try out Sticker Kid’s labels.
  5. All their products are highly customizable – for fonts, for little fairies, dinosaurs, etc and come in so many different sizes and uses!

Here’s the starter pack we received and which I customized for Sophie-Rose. She loved them!


Starter Pack includes:

  • 20 clothing stickers (iron-ons)
  • 14 shoe stickers (especially designed with a round edge for shoes)
  • 60 small stickers (for bottles, toothbrushes, pens, and more)

Here’s how we used some of them!


For the backs of her shoes, I used the small stickers instead.

This is as her shoes are still pretty tiny, and I was worried that the labels wouldn’t be easily visible from external view. So I decided to use the smaller labels and stick them to the back of her shoes! They worked like a charm and after almost three weeks of hard use, running through sand, mud and more, they are still firmly stuck to the back of her shoes and have not faded or started to have a “scratched” appearance which poorly printed stickers may have.

I also used the small stickers for her bottles and they have withstood daily washing for 21 days, sometimes in boiling water as well. I can personally vouch for the durability of these stickers – they go on like a dream and despite not feeling actually super sticky to the touch (they didn’t get caught on my fingers), they adhered VERY well to a variety of surfaces.


Next, I decided to use the shoe stickers more creatively. They aren’t just limited for use on shoes, by the way!

I decided to challenge these stickers – by using them on my treasured Ju Ju Be Perky Toki diaper bag collection.


I think most Ju Ju Be users will know that in order for the bags to have that water-resistant, teflon like surface, they are often so smooth that its hard to get a good grip on the bag. Basically, nothing sticks that can’t be easily peeled off in a minute.

I put the shoe stickers to the test, and again, about a month on the stickers are still firmly adhered to that smooth JJB surface. This is despite Sophie Rose trying repeatedly to remove them, and that the Better Be (on the left) is subjected to quite a bit of wear as we use it almost every day to go everywhere. I’m really impressed by the quality.

Here’s a basic breakdown as to why I would recommend Sticker Kid – from a parent, to a parent.

  1. The stickers are non-toxic, extremely hardy, and multi-purpose
  2. This one is really a huge plus – they are soft and malleable to almost any surface. Previous stickers I bought couldn’t go over curved or rounded surfaces without scrunching up at the sides (and therefore rendering them not waterproof)
  3. I love the cute designs! There are styles to suit everyone
  4. They also do iron-ons, so its super convenient to just get all your labelling needs at one place.
  5. The quality is fantasitc
  6. Ordering was a breeze and I received them very quickly – within a week!


The only items I have tried out and therefore cannot review are the iron-ons – we are still waiting for her uniforms to arrive (we had to order an Extra Small and they were out because most of their kids wear S and up, -sob- my skinny minny!) But I will update this review once they are here and I’ve tried them out! They are meant to withstand at least 60 washes at 45 degrees so they sound super hardy!

Anyway, the lovely people at Sticker Kid agreed to my requests for BOTH a discount code AND a giveaway for my readers (you guys!) because I really believe this is a product you will absolutely love!

The 10 percent (yay!) discount code for Sticker Kid is:


And you can shop them at

 And the giveaway for Little Bow Girl is a package of 20 beyond adorable heart stickers which you can customize for your little girl or boy!

To enter the giveaway, simply enter this RaffleCopter link below, and fulfill all the criteria and you’re in! The more criteria you complete, the higher your chances of winning this great giveaway!

Win 20 Customizable Heart Stickers

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the entries 🙂


Libby and Sophie Rose



14 thoughts on “Sophie Rose Goes to School x StickerKid

  1. xinlan285 says:

    Hi! I would like to win the stickers! I am a mother of one and my child goes to infant care! So I usually use stickers to label his stuff so that his teachers don’t get confused! But now I have another baby coming along!! So it’s even more important for me to have sticker labels so that I can differentiate items for my two babies!! I have used stickers from MUAkids before but it still falls out from the milk bottles and the colour fades off after awhile! So I would like to try stickerkid!! Thanks.

  2. Kellyn says:

    I hope to win the sticker for my baby girl who will be going to infant care soon! Yes. As a mama I really think stickers are soooo important as I’m so afraid the caretakers at ifc will take the wrong bottle for my girl. Haa, paranoid. Winning this will really help to cross 1 item out from the list to prepare! Wish me luck!!!

  3. Michelle Lim says:

    I hope to win the stickers for my little gal that just started Nursery this year. I’m now using the name stickers that are very cute and affordable. But gave me a shock with I overlooked and put it into the sterilizer with my sterilizer safe water bottle – left an awful melted mark on my container! I forgot whilst the water bottle is microwaveable, the sticker wasn’t!

  4. Sharmaine says:

    Hello Libby!!

    I really do hope to win these pretty stickers as G will be attending school soon too and my mum used to get me such customized sticker labels too but have lost their contact so this would be a great start to labelling for G’s belongings.

    -Sharmaine and warrior gwyneth

  5. Germaine says:

    My girl just turned 2 and will be starting school next month! I’m busy preparing her for it, and yes LABELS is definitely something i NEED! I cannot agree more with u on the criteria of good sticker labels but I had no clue what would fit the bill. But thanks to ur blog post, it sounds like i should give Sticker Kid a go! Winning the stickers would greatly help me get my girl ready for school! Thank you!

  6. Lady J says:

    Hoping to win these set of stickers for my girl! Or rather for me to stick everything on her stuff in school! Haha

  7. Stella says:

    Thanks for sharing. Truly perfect timing. Since I was pregnant, been reading your blogs and instagrams. Just placed an order for Starter Pack for my baby. Been contemplating on what type of labels should I get and ones that can stick on clothing and has all the features you have written. Looking forward to my Stickerkid pack.

  8. Germaine says:

    My girl just turned 2 and is going to school next mth. And i need labels! Been looking arnd for labels but have not found anything i am satisfied with. Hope to win these labels so i can prepare all the barang barang she needs for school!

  9. Teresa says:

    I hope to have a set of these pretty stickers as they are very unique and will surely make a difference to my girl’s belongings. It will be easier for her to identify her items and learn how her name is spelt. Am sure that these stickers will be durable and can last her for the entire academic year.

  10. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing such a useful n wonderful item. My gal would be starting playgroups soon and it would be useful to have the starter pack for her belongings. I have tried many other brands labels for my older boy, they were just disappointing. Look forward to the starter pack. =)

  11. wakeuphappy says:

    My toddler is the same age as Sophie Rose and we love stickers! She also loves anything in heart shape… is that a bonus? Will be using the stickers to label her items for schools and also differentiate her stuff from her new baby sister. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Candy Poon says:

    Entered. Hope to win this giveaway as my toddler is starting sch come 01 Mar.

  13. YJ says:

    These stickers would be perfect as my kid is starting school soon! Thanks!

  14. Michelle says:

    I really want that sticker too for my baby stuffs. Also, schooling is the most exciting day for all parents and I really can’t wait to experience the same when my baby comes to right age. Thank you for your wonderful blog. 🙂

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