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When I started staying home and Sophie-Rose slowly grew into a full-blown running, dancing, twirling, laughing and screaming little virago, we started to go out, a lot!

Our play-dates and outdoor days are the highlights of our week – we go to the Bird Park, Gardens by the Bay, the beach, swimming, Henderson Waves, on Nature Trails, and so on.

Now I’m not adverse to a little bit of dirt, but I do also want Sophie’s hands to at least be clean before she stuffs a snack into her mouth. And while I’m okay with dirt, dirt – I’m not okay with URBAN dirt, which could mean a whole lot of other unsanitary stuff like fecal matter, diarrhea causing bacteria, and so on.

So after I found myself flinching a few times when I spotted her running her hands along a public railing and then using the same hand to eat her date balls out of the packet, I decided I would need to invest in a good hand sanitizer to bring out. Not just to disinfect hers and my hands, but also for situations when we are stuck outside and there is no immediate water source for me (and I’ve been there quite a few times already) to wash her up on the spot.

I bought a few pretty well established brands. I won’t name and shame, but I they didn’t work for me. Problems I had:

  1. Most were alcohol-based and left a sticky residue and a sickly smell on my hands
  2. Most were over-scented – either very clinical or overpoweringly sweet or floral.
  3. Sophie freaks out when I put gel sanitizers on her hands.
  4. Most completely dried out our skin and even left me with flaky palms at one point. It was quite horrific. Alcohol based sanitizers work by stripping away all the micro-organisms on our hands but also strips off your skins natural oils that protect your skin from exposure – which is why they made my hands so itchy and dry.

And since I sanitize several times a day, my flaky palms (I’m prone to eczema) just got worse. 😦

So I was feeling a bit mixed initially when Su-Lin of Our Lifestyle Shop introduced me to their SafeHands sanitizers. Hand sanitizers and me, we had a bad relationship. But Jo, who has used and reviewed Safe Hands, had such glowing recommendations I felt I might as well give it a try. No harm, right?

So these are the 3 bottles she passed to me. I have to say, I was feeling a little shiver of excitement when I saw what scents they came in. Cucumber Mint? Yum! Clean linen? Only my favourite scent ever? (I have Yankee Candles in every permutation – Baby Blanket, Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels. As you can see, I have a penchant for the smell of perfectly done laundry)

Please, I thought, let this be the last One. The One.


By the end of our coffee catch up, I was completely sold. Su didn’t even have to push Safe Hands. I looked through the brochure, and basically, it is everything I wanted in a Hand Sanitizer.

  1. It’s a foam pump! Which means you get just the right dose every time you pump! No more over-squeezing gel onto an unhappy toddler’s hands! And you can pump it one-handed, which is super convenient. Foam pump sanitizers, where have you been all my life?
  2. Alcohol-free. Good bye, cracked hands
  3. Moisturizing. I have never, ever, in the throes of blatant Mama consumerism, found a hand sanitizer that actually moisturizes your skin. This was a huge plus point for me.
  4. SafeHands kills exactly the germs I’m the most worried about – E-Coli, Salmonella, and antibiotic resistant viruses.
  5. FDA approved, and Made in the USA. No funky chemicals, completely non-toxic, so even if Sophie accidentally eats the stuff, she’s going to be just fine.



Two weeks on

Sophie-doll, K and I have been using SafeHands every day for the past two weeks. We keep a bottle in the car, one in her diaper bag, and one at our doorway to use before we enter the house. It’s only been 14 days, but its already a routine!

I thought our favourite would be Clean Linen, but it turned out to be the Cucumber one – I love how fresh and crisp it smells. Sophie-doll is always asking for “Mama, the green one!”

We used it everywhere – it was so handy for picnics at East Coast Park, indoor playgrounds (die, HFMD germs!), when we went hiking up Mt Faber and she got hungry but her hands were filthy with bubble solution and from clutching dead twigs, etc.

Check out this video of Sophie asking for her regular “cleaning hands”

In addition to being easy and fuss-free to dispense, the foam makes it so fun for kids, you don’t need to run after them to convince them to clean their hands! I love how well-thought out SafeHands sanitizers are in terms of making life easier for the consumer and the parent.

Probably the only thing I have to quibble about (and I’m grasping at straws here) is that I wish they came in a travel size so I could bring it on the plane too, since we travel so much! But then, having the big bottle (and its not too heavy, because the plastic bottle itself is very light!) means more value for money and also lasts longer without you having to switch out to a new bottle (save the world!)

Just three steps!


Dispense, rub your hands together, and then SMILE cos you’re sparkling clean and germ free again!

We are headed for Palembang this festive season to spend CNY with K’s extended family, and SafeHands couldn’t have come at a better time, honestly. There’s going to be so much kissing and hugging of Sophie that I will be frantically disinfecting her every hour or so. And with her little Aunts and Uncles there to play with her, I can just imagine the messes she’s going to get into – washing-up areas are scarce and few between there!

SafeHands Hand Sanitizers are sold in a pack of 3 7oz bottles (Clean Linen, Cucumber Mint and Unscented) for $59.70

You can order yours here at Our Lifestyle Shop

Just quote “littlebowgirl” for 5 per cent off your purchase!

Stay tuned for our next post, where we will be running a giveaway for a set of these hand sanitizers! Now that’s one giveaway that’s definitely worth entering!

Stay Clean!


Libby and Sophie-Rose


One thought on “Happy Baby, SafeHands! x Discount Code

  1. Karin says:

    Hi, I would like to buy hand sanitizer as well as the spray, however, I was wondering if I could pick it up Tom since I need it before I go away Tom night ?

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