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Hi Mamas!

I’m so excited about this post! I know what some of you are thinking – what, not an advertorial again? But you know what, I ALWAYS make sure I only represent stuff which I would wear or use myself on a daily basis. I can’t even count the number of endorsements  I’ve had to turn down that offer better monetary compensation, etc. I don’t believe in receiving compensation for posts because I feel like it will affect how I feel towards the products.

So you can always trust that I am 100 percent behind anything I write about.

Today, it’s about D’Elegance shapewear!

I will have to admit, its not something I was open to talking about, let alone taking photos of myself in it and blogging about it publicly. But you know, after deciding to give it a try, I was converted, for real.

My previous experiences with shapewear have been slightly embarrassing, clandestine affairs that went something like this:

I go to a departmental store looking for shapewear. Either there are no salesgirls willing to help me, or there are salesgirls who ambush me and start putting shapewear against my body in front of everyone and discussing what I need to reduce and all the things I already know I don’t like about my body.

Already I would be thinking of dashing out of the store the moment their attention is diverted. Not to mention, it is really a harried affair trying on shapewear at the changing rooms when you know there’s a long queue forming outside while you struggle to pull your clothes on and off.

After possibly simply buying ill-fitting shapewear just to get out of the place, I realize I don’t even like it, it doesn’t fit right, or its terribly uncomfortable and it just becomes a white elephant.

Which is why I’ve just about given up on shapewear, instead opting for clothes which I know will be flattering but boring.

Since becoming a Mom, I’ve had even more parts of my body I am self-conscious about. And you know what, I am not ashamed of the way I look, but I don’t want to have unsightly bulges or pouches when I’m out for a nice dinner with my husband or friends.

So I thought, lets just bite the bullet and find out more!

I had such a great time at D’Elegance 🙂

The location is really accessible and private – it’s at International Plaza near Tanjong Pagar MRT, so you can go by public transport, even during lunch-time, or drive and park. It’s discreetly located on the 3rd floor and the whole feel of the boutique is very comfortable and cozy yet polished.


Cozy, camel and sable carpets and velvet armchairs, white furniture, and lovely display cases which don’t feel or look tacky at all.

You simply have to make an appointment and you’ll get a good one hour of your consultant’s time. I met with the founder of D’Elegance, the very youthful and exuberant Ms Elida, and she made me feel at home straightaway.



It was all a very private and friendly session. I was brought into a pretty, very comfortable room and served a delicious pot of hot, floral tea and put on a slip and dressing robe. At no point did I even feel harassed, stressed or rushed. 🙂 What a lovely change!



Every consultation is very detailed. Your consultant sits down with you to find out about what you feel you need, before sharing about the products, taking your measurements very profesionally and quickly and then making the correct recommendations.

I love that Ms Elida takes multiple measurements from all the different parts of my body. Why?

  1. This allows her to find the PERFECT fit for me. No more ill-fitting bras, or too tight security pants.
  2. This gives her and me a great OVERALL idea of my size and how it deviates from the ideal (healthy) range for my height.
  3. This is way more accurate than just using weight because it takes into account for big-boned girls like me who might look proportionate even if we are heavier than most petite Singaporean girls.

All your measurements are taken down and plotted very carefully on a chart to give you a very good big picture of your size. Ms Elida then gave a clear and very concise explanations of which garments she would recommend for me.

Here are what I feel are my “problem areas”, post-kid.

Well obviously, of course I am way heavier than I was pre-pregnancy. I was underweight before getting pregnant, now I fall somewhere on the middle area of the “healthy” weight range, according to Ms Elida’s height and weight chart.

  • My tummy. I think this should be a really common problem. I have/had no discipline to do crunches or whatever it is people who exercise to do get rid of this little pouch of fat, so even though I have lost more than 70 percent of my baby weight, I still have this annoying pouch that sticks out whenever I wear anything slightly form fitting.
  • My posture. I already hunched slightly before pregnancy but now its really bad, and people have commented on it. My back hurts a lot, especially now that Sophie is so heavy and still likes to be carried a lot.
  • My thighs and hips. They expanded a lot and safe to say they didn’t really return to their former glory. My thigh gap. What thigh gap.
  • My “cleavage”. Lets face it, you lose that plump bounciness after breastfeeding, even if you only did it for 3 months like me. I wear ill fitting bras because I can’t be bothered to find a good one (read above).

And here are my new good friends:


For daily use, Ms Elida recommended:

Top Row: (L) Vest

This vest really helps my posture. It’s easy to put on and it gives great support if you want to wear a bodycon dress or a really thin and form fitting top. I immediately find myself sitting up straight and my tummy as a result also looks smaller. I wear it under/with spag tops, tank tops, or even just t-shirts and mostly to remind me to sit up properly. You can pair this with any bra and it does a great job in overall support and improving your shape.

Top Row: (R) Girdle (my favourite shapewear product!)

I have owned many girdles, both from premium as well as very affordable brands, but I always, always still have weird bulges under my clothes, mostly because they simply don’t go high enough. The D’elegance girdle is extra high cut, and it goes right under the bra, meaning you don’t have that horrible “muffin” effect.

It’s also great for lifting up for bum for extra perkiness, and doubles up as “security” shorts under your more flirty dresses. Very versatile and my favourite out of the lot. It very effectively kept my tummy in and my waist and hip bulges safely out of the way.

Also, I got my thigh gap back! What’s not to love?

Bottom: (L) Brassiere with Hook

A front hook bra, I have learnt, is so much better than a back hook bra because firstly it gives you more flexibility in adjusting it to fit you the best (and also provides some extra “oomph” in the front if you know what I mean, without you having to insert any “chicken fillets”). The design of this bra helps eliminate the “side fats” that bulge out of your side when you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra and the straps are so comfortable and never cut into my skin!

Another thing I love about D’elegance shapewear, the materials are so premium! They are so very comfortable, made with technology from Japan, and best of all, they in fact help keep you cooler rather than stifling you and making you perspire like most shapewear does because they don’t trap heat. How perfect for our weather is that?

Bottom: (R) Waist Slimmer (my second favorite product)

I have always been interested in waist training but I wanted to be sure that I knew everything about the waist trainer and I had an expert to tell me how to get started and make it sustainable – waist training without proper guidance can be dangerous and damage your internal organs! So I was very excited when Ms Elida picked this product for me.

It was really easy to put on, no tugging and yelling and jumping around, because the material is so smooth on the skin and the same cool material that is used for all the shapewear 🙂

What I love about this is how much thought was put into the design of the trainer. The main part at the abdomen is non-stretchable to give you maximum “support” in holding your tummy in, while the waist and back areas are made of a stretchable tulle which smoothen but are more flexible so you don’t have to sit ramrod straight like a mannequin. Ms Elida, who also happens to be a Mama / Grandma and the founder/designer of all these pieces, really takes into consideration the needs and wants of a busy, multi-tasking modern day Mama who needs comfort on top of support.

 And for special occasions



Expertly constructed, with intricately embroidered designs, this bodysuit delivers maximum control to enhance your figure.

Basically this is an all in one garment which helps you with back smoothing, tummy taming, hips, waist shaping etc. So its a great “foundation” garment to have and which you can mix and match with all the other pieces to suit your needs the best.

I love how all the products complement each other and allow you to tailor what you want to whichever outfit you are wearing that day. I’ve never believed in the one style fits all mentality so this is just great!

My favourite combination for a date night out:


I immediately feel less self conscious, and I don’t mind wearing materials like that soft jersey cotton or silky swingy dresses without worrying about whether every flaw of mine is being unflatteringly displayed!

What else:

  1.  All the shapewear can be adjusted to three different settings depending on your comfort level.
  2. They come in three different colors depending on your preferences. I chose some black and also beige, which are easy to match. I needed some beige because I wear lots of light colored clothing, but black is nice and classy and I loved that for my girdle.

I would definitely recommend that you go down for a consultation rather than buying off the rack. Here’s why:

  1. Experts and professionals are on hand to take accurate measurements of your body to make sure you get the best fit possible. Its difficult to take measurements yourself, accurately.
  2. Shapewear can be dangerous if used wrongly – breathing difficulties, or overcompressed internal organs, etc. So seek guidance and advice.
  3. Your consultant can show you how to properly put on the shapewear for maximum effect. Ms Elida taught me how to “shape” my excess fats when putting on the girdle, bra and waist trainer and I could really see a big difference than if I had just tugged it on my own.

And lastly, because..

If you’re my reader, it’s free! That’s right, the consultation with the wonderful Ms Elida that would normally cost $100 is waived for my readers when you quote “Little Bow Girl” along with a 5 percent discount on all their shapewear. 🙂


International Plaza
10 Anson Road #03-15/16
Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226 3013

If nothing, at least you walk away with better knowledge about your body and shape and know you have some options should you want a more party-ready shape or better posture 🙂

In my next post, I’ll be sharing some before-and-after shots of myself. I’ve been using the Shapewear for close to a month now and the results still motivate me to put them on everyday before heading out 🙂



Disclaimer: The Little Bow Girl received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.


2 thoughts on “D’Elegance x Shapewear

  1. Hazel says:

    Hi! Are you still wearing these? It’s been months since I delivered and I’m really keen to do smtg abt my tummy but not sure if it’s too late to so. Did it improve your problematic areas in the long run I. E. Less tummy pouch? How much for a girdle should I be looking at (to help with my budgeting)? Thanks!

    1. libbyty says:

      Yup, I still wear them every day 🙂 I think if you’re just looking for a girdle it shouldn’t be more than $200. The quality is really great and better than any others I’ve tried in the market (I’ve tried many!) as it really smooths the bulges rather than pushes it to another area where the same problem will occur.

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