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This is Sophie’s Nursery.

Its a beautiful nursery, but its also a pain in the butt to keep clean (Excuse my French!) and more importantly, to keep bacteria, germ and virus free because she spends so many hours playing and dreaming in here!


Enter the second amazing product from Our Lifestyle Shop I’ve been reviewing for over a month and am super happy to introduce to you guys.

Its changed the way we clean and disinfect at home, and I’m 100 per cent confident it will do the same for you too, especially if you’re a busy working Mama like me who has a toddler who has way, way too many toys!

The product is B-Sanitized, which is a one-step solution for disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning all in one!

There are tons of ways and things you can use this for, but let me just start by sharing how we use it in our household, and why we love it so much!


Why we decided to try B-Sanitized

I spend maybe two hours or more every week cleaning and disinfecting Sophie’s toys, room, bicycles, and shoes. She’s getting really active and always on the go, which means she picks up all kinds of germs everywhere she goes and leaves them on her kitchen, wooden toys, etc. Its a terribly time-consuming and tiring process.

Here’s how we used to do it:

  1. Take out ALL her toys and dump them into a huge bucket full of water.
  2. Spray on disinfecting liquid
  3. Wipe and disinfect every single freaking toy.
  4. Rinse and dry them all off on a towel.

Honestly, I could think of a million other things I would rather be doing with my time on the weekend, but I’m so worried about her falling ill that I know I need to do it anyway.

Then Su from Our Lifestyle Shop shared more with us about  B-Sanitized. Here’s how we clean and disinfect our toys now (trust me, you want to watch this:


  1. Lay out all the toys on the (clean) floor.
  2. Give it all a generous spray and leave it to dry

Et Voila, you’re done! The toys are now germ and bacteria and virus free and ready to be played with!

I know this is going to sound so Aunty, but I really really love this product.

Here’s why:

  1. As illustrated, its completely idiot proof to use and it saves us SO MUCH time.
  1. It is completely non-toxic to your child. Which means that even if it hasn’t dried off properly and your child puts the toy in his or her mouth, they are completely safe. Almost all the regular disinfecting sprays available on the market contain chemicals which can harm your child, or cannot be used on items which will be put into mouths or on sensitive skin.
  1. It not only just gets rid of bacteria and viruses, it also destroys fungus and mould. Coming from a family that is super-prone to allergies to mould and dust, this is so important for us. Children especially can suffer from inhaling mould (remember the whole sippy cup saga?) So this was a huge draw factor for me.
  1. Its so user friendly. The pressure is excellent and the spray power means every item gets quickly and evenly coated. So you don’t have to worry about liquid dribbling down your fingers or too much dripping out. The innovative spray also dispenses vertically for maximum effect, so you don’t have to contort yourself into weird positions to hit the maximum surface area you want it to spread out over.
  1. Its dual usage. Meaning you can choose to use it as a disinfecting spray, or if you want to disinfect an entire very germy or stale room, you can simply decompress it, leave it in the middle of the room to dispense for half an hour, and return to a clean, fresh room. This is perfect for using if you’re just moving into a new home, or back from a long holiday, or even in hotel rooms or apartments which are less than sparkling or smell stale. We will be moving house soon so you can imagine we’re going to be stocking up on B-Sanitized like mad!
  1. A little bit goes a long way. It distributes so well and evenly that I only use a little to disinfect all our room surfaces. Its been almost two months and our can is still nice and heavy.
  1. It smells great. Fresh and slightly citrusy, without that horrible chemical tang you get from most supermarket sanitizing or disinfecting sprays.

Mamas who want the full list of what this power packed little can can remove your home, just read on:

-HIV-1(Aids Virus)
-Herpes Simplex Type II Viruses
-Influenza A2/Hong Kong
-H1N1 Type A2 Virus
-Staphylococcus Aureus
-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis var,bovis
-Bactericidal Pseudomonical
-Staphylocidal Tuberculocidal
-Fungicidal Virucidal
-Broad Bacterial Spectrum
-Athletes Foot (Trichphyton mentagrophytes)
-Salmonella cholerasuis
-H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)
-Salmonella (Varied)
-Pathogenic Fungi
-Hepatitis B & C
-Feline calcivirus

And here’s what else we use it for:

  1. Disinfecting chopping boards. Its easy to contract salmonella or other food borne bacteria if you cut raw meat on your chopping boards. I give my meat boards a good spray one a week to make sure that all the nasties are killed.
  2. Toilets – I spray both my toilets every week to kill fungus or mould. Toilets being the most humid and often least well-lit rooms in your home means they are the most susceptible.
  3. Sophie’s bed and mattress – sometimes you just don’t have the time to sun dry all your child’s bedding and mattresses. This is a fuss-free and very convenient way to keep them disinfected.
  4. In the car – For obvious reasons. There are always people getting in and out of our car, Sophie’s eats in there and we actually spend quite a lot of time in there every day. I spray down the door knobs, handles and her car seat every week.

Hand over heart, I can say this is a household product that’s multi-purpose, effective and really great to have at home if you don’t have a helper or you want to make your home more sanitary. I’ve saved so much time and effort since introducing it, not to mention it gives me lots of peace of mind when it comes to fighting germs at home.

Just for my readers, Our Lifestyle Shop is giving a special bundle or two-bottle discount! (THANK YOU!)

Option 1: Get 10% off when you purchase a SafeHands (read my review here) and B-Sanitized bundle with the code “lbg10off”


Option 2: Get a twin-pack of B-Sanitized for $76 (these are usually $39.90 each, so you save $4) with the code “ineedmorethan1”


I personally stand by the two products 100 percent and would be happy to speak to you guys via e-mail ( if you have any more questions. As a disclaimer, I was given two cans of B-Sanitized to try out in exchange for a 100 percent honest review, no monetary compensation was offered or given 🙂

Stay Sanitized!




4 thoughts on “B-Sanitized – Stay Clean, Stay Fresh

  1. Alicia says:

    Hi! Where can I get B Sanitized? Thanks!

    1. libbyty says:

      You can get it from Our Lifestyle Shop

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