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About two weeks back, we were invited for Pororo Park’s Bloggers Family Day! 🙂

(Thank you Liang May for linking us up!)

Although Sophie’s exposure to Pororo is limited to the half hour episodes I let her watch maybe twice a week, we had no problems pysching her up for a day full of fun the night before – and she was especially excited to go because we were going together with her BFF Sophie L, Auntie Jo and Uncle J !

Pororo Park is an indoor, airconditioned theme park at Marina Square that’s been hugely popular since its opening earlier this year. I’ve always wanted to bring Sophie-doll but never got around to doing it, so the invite came at a great time.

And then we realized we should have brought the girls earlier, because they absolutely had a smashing time at the park thanks to the very fun and action packed day the Pororo Park people had planned out for us.

The moment we were sanitized and allowed in (please bring a pair of clean socks, for both parents and kids) the girls were running off to get on the Pororo Express!


These two rascals went on the ride not once but THREE TIMES and Mama J and I had to practically drag them off the train. Luckily we were quite early and there wasn’t a queue!

The Pororo Express runs on a simple track and makes a round around the famous snowy scenes from the cartoon and even very small children can take it without adult supervision. Look at how happy they were to see their Papa’s waving to them from outside!

For me, the ball pit was a highlight! Just look at that huge ball pit just waiting to be dived into! If I was a kid I would be jumping headfirst into that. Unfortunately, my little scaredy cat freaked out the moment she saw the shark and was only willing to stay in for a few minutes. I like that the ball pool is very well padded and safe for kids who like to tumble and lunge around the pool.


And then there’s Poby’s Play Gym, a vibrantly rainbow colored padded play gym with all kinds of climbing slopes and slides perfect for the most active of children. Which is why, of course, my toddler spent the most time in there, with her Daddy chasing after her harriedly lest she take a tumble (don’t worry, its all very well padded and safe!)


Sophie Rose’s favourite activity of the day was the live Pororo and Friends performance at Tong Tong’s Little Theatre.


It was pretty dark inside and I didn’t want to use my flash so to see how much she enjoyed the performance and coming up close and personal to Pororo (she was stunned for a bit, then danced along excitedly) watch my video at the end of this post!

The songs they performed (especially about veggies and healthy food) were funny, easy to sing along to and very catchy! Sophie just loves live performances and dances so she was one of the few right up front shaking her bon bon much to her Papa’s amusement!

The second hands-on activity which she also enjoyed immensely was the Under the Sea activity, also in the theatre. The young crew was very enthusiastic, engaging and very good with the kids!

They were encourage to touch and feel the sea creatures on the mat, sing along, interact with the other children, and more! There’s a clip of her dancing along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, also in our summary video at the end! It was so lovely to watch her in her element, socializing and learning without needing us to be right next to her.


Food-wise, while Marina Square has a ton of food options, the little Pororo Cafe within the premises is pretty good, too! They have cute little kids meals both sweet and savoury done up cutely to entice picky eaters as well as Korean food for the grown ups. The eating area is large and airy and overlooks most of the park so parents can keep an eye on their children even when enjoying lunch!

Look how excited she was to tuck into her Pororo and Loopy Chocolate Soymilk!


 Here’s why you should check out Pororo Park, too!

  • There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Its hard to find a theme park in Singapore that caters to toddlers and slightly older kids but Pororo Park has activities, classes and games which are suitable for kids aged 1 to about 6 in my opinion. You can easily have a day full of fun fly by on the weekends!
  • There’s a good mix of things to do, the train, the ball pit, Poby’s Play Gym, and theatre performances means your active toddler will be kept suitably occupied.
  • Staff are helpful and watchful
  • Premises are kept very clean and the full glass panel side windows means there’s quite a lot of sunlight coming in, instead of slightly claustrophic indoor playgrounds.
  • Air-conditioning means no sweaty meltdowns from overheated kids!
  • The space is very well utilized and the park looks spacious despite being located in a shopping mall
  • The cafe caters to adults too! I want to go back and try to fried Korean rice cakes and the japchae while K (hopefully) runs after Sophie !


K and I were absolutely knackered by mid afternoon when we left, but Sophie was still going on and on about Pororo and humming the theme song in the car! Looks like we have a new Pororo fan in this family!

Pororo Park Singapore
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-29, Singapore 039594

You can also find out more about Pororo Park on Instagram @pororoparksg

Thanks for having us and organizing such a wonderful day, Team Pororo!



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