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I first wanted to get on this fun blog train back when I was a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mother), but by the time I got around to really signing up, I’d become a FTWM (Full-Time-Working-Mother) so the days I were planning to blog about back then are completely different right now!


Because I don’t spend most of my weekdays at home and mostly am busy being chained to my desk from Monday to Friday, I decided to share a typical “Day in the Life” from our weekends, instead!


This is practically all I get to see of Sophie-doll from Monday to Friday (in that mad rush early in the morning to get her bag packed, teeth brushed, bottom cleaned, and proper clothes on before we bundle out of the door in an unruly mess). It does make me sad that we have so little time together compared to when I was with her practically 24/7, but its the best we can do right now, given our economic considerations.

Weekends are super precious to me now that I’m back at work. Most weekdays, by the time I pick Sophie Rose up, she’s either sleepy or already passed out from running around at school and generally being a happy toddler. And since our lives basically revolve around Sophie-doll,  we don’t sleep in on Saturdays or Sundays (unless its rainy – no one can resist getting a few extra snoozes on weekend mornings, right?)

Most Saturday mornings, K and I make it a point to either prepare our own leisurely brunch or take Sophie out somewhere nice where we can just enjoy food and relax. Because we are still living a nomadic (read: refugee-esque) life while waiting for our new home to be ready, we don’t get many chances to cook for her – but I’ve been trying to do so at my brothers’ place, with my new super convenient and portable Bruno Hotplate!

 If breakfast is cooked by me, it’s almost inevitably pancakes – man does Sophie Rose love pancakes! Her favourites are hot fluffy matcha hotcakes which I top with whipped cream and rainbow jimmies/sprinkles. And since I got a Mickey Mouse pancake mold, that’s all she ever wants for breakfast on weekends. Here she is, grinning ear-to-ear after getting her Mickey Pancakes and even a little babyccino with marshmallows foamed up by her Papa!


Once, my mother in law told her she wanted to bring her out on Saturday, and was met with resounding rejection – “No, Saturdays are Pancake Days with Mama and Papa!”.

For the adults, we’ll have normal round fluffy hotcakes, sausages, eggs and endless cups of our favourite muscat tea. And to me, it’s a lovely routine. After a whole week spent rushing around and exhausted, its great to just sit back and relax on Saturday mornings while catching up with my two favourite people in the world!

If we’re feeling a little more indulgent than usual, which is rare since our home renovations have ripped gigantic holes in our already tiny pockets, we head out for brunch. Brunch places we frequent include our neighborhood Cedele, where the staff all know Sophie by name and her favourite breakfast item (Double Berry Muffin, please, Auntie Doris, and can you make it warm?), if we’re feeling adventurous, House @ Dempsey, but very often you’ll find us at Stamping Grounds which is also a stone’s throw away with her BFF Sophie L and her Mama J!

With her BFF Sophie clinking Babyccinos at Stamping Grounds! We love their airy, bright space and super friendly and accommodating staff (fine, I’m biased, my sister did a stint there) and the best part is that Mamas can get a really good caffeine fix too! Highly recommend their cold brew with full fat, cold milk – its strong and punchy but also creamy and very smooth and gives you just the boost you need to take on the day ahead.

Their food (savoury and sweet) is also really decent. Our go-tos are the smashed avocado toast with a lovely wobbly sous vide egg, and their perfect waffles with ice cream and malty kinako powder + gula Melaka syrup. We’re often so full we skip lunch anyway!

If we’re feeling super lazy (and its often), there’s always the ever-reliable Maccers breakfast that never fails to be gobbled down by my greedy little munchkin ( now why she doesn’t show the same appreciation for spinach, I’ll never know!)


On days with nice weather, the Maccers at Marine Cove is really lovely – especially if its not crowded. A nice cool sea breeze, hotcakes you don’t have to cook yourself, and a compliant child feeding herself – what’s not to like? We usually bring her for a quick walk or a spot of scooting just to walk off breakfast.


Post brunch is, of course, a lovely nap (haha) before we head out to either go grocery shopping for the week or some social activity – there’s almost always a party, or an invite to an event we get every Saturday.

Two weeks ago, for instance, we headed out for a Halloween Party at Guthrie House after the lovely people at Cold Storage invited us for a fun-filled morning painting pumpkins!

Just look at our little Minions splattering paint all over their overalls! Mama J and were laughing non stop while freaking out and attacking them with wet wipes in the background!

If there’s nothing on, or the party/event ends early,  we try to head out to the beach in the evenings or even just to a park to relax and get back in touch with nature. It’s also the only day of the week we can really bring Benjy, our schnauzer, out for a good long walk and stretch 🙂 Now that we are practically next door to East Coast Park, we are much more motivated to head out.


Sundays are more chilled out, with us usually too lazy to really do anything more than cereal and milk for breakfast. Its become something of a tradition – my husband and his plain, boring cornflakes (Special K, or really whatever is leftover), Sophie-Rose and her maple crunch or fav bitter chocolate Japanese cornflakes with creamy Hokkaido milk, and for me, my matcha granola (it’s fantastic) topped with the same icy milk.

It’s mostly free and easy after that – we just spent time around my in-laws’ house or inside our room reading or playing with Sophie. She’s pretty good at having her own fun, and we just love to watch how she uses her imagination to create scenarios and stories (fairytales) in her case, chattering away under her breath in her cute little high-pitched voice.


“What are you up to, Soph?”
“I’m throwing a birthday tea party!”
“And what are you serving?”
“Macarons and matcha cake. I’m cutting up the matcha cake now!”

The highlight of ours and Sophie’s Sunday is her swim classes at Little Splashes Swim School.

Sophie-doll has been attending swim class at Little Splashes for almost a month now.
I think most of you may know that Sophie spent almost half a year in 2016 fighting bronchitis and lung infections. We were told to stay away from swimming pools and even cold or air-conditioned places because one quick breath of too-cold air could shock her lungs and cause an asthma attack.

We were so sad because she loves swimming and being in the water, but every time we brought her to the pool, she would be coughing by night time and back on the neb within a week. However since starting at little splashes, she’s been having such a wonderful and cough free time!

The pool is indoor, heated and mineral water, so the water temp is perfect for her, and the games and lessons are so fun and she’s getting very confident in the water – you can see from her wide smiles. Her Papa was very against me sending her in the beginning but now he is as excited as she is every week!

After her swimming lessons is downtime again for us (yes, we are low energy parents who need constant breaks) – we’ll head for church, have a leisurely dinner with my in laws, and then its early bedtime because the bub will be completely knackered. If K and I have the energy, we *might* pop open a bottle of moscato and a bag of gourmet chips and catch a movie … on his laptop. >.<

Yup, that’s my boring DIAL for you 🙂 We’ve been swamped with renovations so its going to be a while before we can really spend time at home or in my case, pursuing my crafting and other hobbies because everything is in storage. Its frustrating looking forward so much to our new home but knowing that everything needs more time – but patience is a virtue I am still learning to master!

I’ve been loving all the DIAL blog entries so far – thank you all for allowing me a peek into your wonderful lives and Mama J of “Mum in the Making” for organizing this 🙂

You can find us posting more frequently (and coherently) on Instagram @littlebowgirl and follow our home renovation journey using the hashtag #homewiththeteos – see you there too!


Have a wonderful week ahead!




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