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This post is so scarily overdue that I feel bad just writing it! So to all our followers @littlebowgirl and here on the blog, I’m finally sharing how I hacked our IKEA Duktig Kid’s Play Kitchen and re-invented Chez Sophie Rose!

So it started with this Mama having itchy fingers. We love our Kidkraft 3-in-1 kitchen, but I felt like it was getting a little small for Sophie-doll, who is pushing 93 cm. Also, to be honest, I was feeling frustrated and helpless at how slowly our home move was going (right about then, we were dealing with troublesome tenants who didn’t want to move out) and I just wanted to DO something and get off my backside. I’m a creator, and I can’t stop dreaming of new things or making things with my hands, and thus, I decided to get her a new, customized kitchen.

I absolutely loved the Farmhouse Kitchen set on Pottery Barn Kids but it would have cost me a whopping total of $1,500 just to buy and ship from the U.S. and I just wasn’t okay with spending that kind of princely sum, what with my own, real life kitchen renovations on the way!

So, I got crafty. The IKEA Duktig Kitchen is a perfect blank canvas for some crazy Pinterest Mom-esque behavior! Within two days, we were at IKEA (our favourite weekend hangout) and my hapless husband was lugging the kitchen back home.

Here’s the “Before” Picture:


If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go! For me, the style I wanted was inspired by my own 3D kitchen sketch from my ID for our new place:


We went for a gorgeous duck’s egg blue that is just between pale blue and pale grey, a kind of stormy pale blue? And copper touches everywhere.

Basically something homey, rustic and cozy – something that would be uniquely #littlebowfamily. 🙂

And here’s what you need if you want to do a kitchen like ours!

  1. Spray Paint of your choice – you can get brush paint too, but its more time-consuming and I don’t have the time to do that because its usually dark by the time I’m home. I chose Red Blue from Nippon spray to match my own kitchen (above) from Home Fix.
  2. Fixture Spray Paint – This will be for your fixtures, the handles, tap, etc. You can go for anything from metallic to chrome and copper. I chose a burnished copper spray from Rust-Oleum for a vintage look. Please note that the paint WILL fade with time to give a slightly worn, tarnished look. If you want the color to be permanent, opt for water based copper paints instead 🙂 (From Self-Fix DIY)
  3. Contact Paper – I chose Marble Contact Paper (from Carousell) for my countertop because I love the textured and luxe look against my copper fixtures. I also really liked the wooden-style contact paper for a more country feel (you can get wood-style contact paper at Home Fix) . The possibilities are endless!
  4. Lots of old newspapers to place your items for spraying
  5. Your husband to help you out



You’ll need to set aside about a day or two to get everything done. Wait at least an hour between each coat of paint, and my personal opinion is that the white parts need 2-3 good even coats, while the colors need 1-2 good even coats.

So first you spray your fixtures and set aside. Then, decide which parts of your kitchen you want in whichever permutation of color, and spray accordingly 🙂 This will take all afternoon.

Assemble all except your counter top, which you will need to apply contact paper of your choice to. Use a scraper or a card to smooth the contact paper, and if you’re clumsy (like me, cut it up in big pieces before affixing. Its okay if it isn’t perfect, as long as it isn’t lumpy from air bubbles trapped underneath!

This is the semi complete look:


And then its all ready for you to personalize it to a T!

For me, I immediately headed out to get flowers for the kitchen. I upcycled an old glass bottle which previously contained cold brew coffee from The Stamping Grounds, and filled it with pretty dried lavender, baby’s breath and cotton blossoms for a rustic look!

Welcome to Chez Sophie Rose! Grandma’s Babysitting Service Provided 🙂


I also sprayed Sophie-doll’s pans to complete the Provence style feel, and tied a little bunch of lavender (real lavender, which smelled sooo gorgeous) above the sink!

A close up:


Sophie’s already whipping up a casserole in her mini Le-Creuset Dutch Oven!

See what I mean about the marble? It will still look good even if you can’t keep the entire piece intact, and you don’t have to worry about messing up or getting all sticky! I love things that are slightly imperfect – they remind me of the person I’d like to be – a little kitsch, a little rough around the edges, but unique 🙂

Look how happy Sophie-doll is with her new kitchen!

I have always loved Rose Quartz/Blush paired with copper, so her little tea set (eco-friendly recycled plastic from Green Toys, but so pretty you can’t tell!) went perfectly and added that little feminine touch!


Croissants and Coffee, anyone?

If you’re feeling like it won’t be worth the expense, take it from me, a kitchen is one of the best toys you can give your child – it just allows for endless hours of imaginative pretend play, sensory play, and even role-play. We buy very realistic food for her to work with, felt food, plastic food, wooden food so she can enjoy a variety of textures. It never ceases to amaze me the kind of weird dishes and settings she can come up with as she sings at her kitchen sink, chattering away excitedly and dreaming up new dishes!

And our kitchen is never complete – I’m always finding little things to add to make it extra special.

My latest (and greatest) find were these tiny mini Moscow Mule cups, with their shiny copper finish. Aren’t they just darling?


Her kettle was a chrome one, which I also painted over with copper. Bright Copper Kettles – don’t they sound like something out of a dream? I’ve always wondered what a real copper kettle will look and feel like since I first heard “Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music as a child. And soon, I’ll have my own!

Are you ready to head to market on your beautiful Harper Happy Bike, Sophie Rose?


What has been the most incredible about us trying to personalize our own kitchen is how we’ve helped to inspire other Mamas and Papas on IG to try it out for their own! I felt so moved when they shared their stories with us and how much fun they had being involved in the creation process. I really do feel that with globalization and modernization, we’ve forgotten how to use our hands and our minds together to really make and create something and feel that satisfaction that comes out of it 🙂

And that is why I love crafting so!

Mama J, who we worked together with on the project, has her own post up here if you want to have a look, too! But here are some projects from our friends who have been inspired to do the same –

Mama Jessica Koh @jesskoh3 on IG:



Little @sophieleeze on IG:


We’re so blessed to be part of a wonderful online and blogging community and I hope this continues for a long long time! If you’ve been waiting to take the plunge and start a DIY kitchen that is so much more meaningful than buying one off the rack, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Please share with me if you make your own, I can’t wait to see your creations!


Libby and Sophie Rose


4 thoughts on “Le Petit Provence Kitchen x DUKTIG Hack x The New Chez Sophie Rose!

  1. Sophia says:

    Thank you for this post! I zhnged my girl’s dustig kitchen too. Sooo amazing!

    1. libbyty says:

      You’re welcome! I’d love to see photos of your hack! 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Mama Libby. May I know where did you get the Mini Moscow cups, please? They are so beautiful! Thank you.

    1. libbyty says:

      They are from Amazon 🙂

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