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 I’m back with another super Aunty-fied post about household cleaners! And before you groan and say not again, trust me, this will come in super handy when you have your own place and a toddler, dog, and 1,600 sq ft of space to clean up. Our Lifestyle Shop always comes to the rescue with new and innovative cleaning and disinfecting products for us.

Maybe I’m just prone to mess – while I do have (I think) slight OCD and a need to have everything in order, I also end up in huge end of the week messes because I just don’t have time to tackle them. Granted, Sophie Rose is generally quite a tidy toddler who will clear messes (somewhat haphazardly), but the thought of spending my weekends scrubbing and disinfecting her toys in a giant pail in her utility cupboard is horrifying, to say the least.


That’s where multi-functional products like their Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray (HSD) comes in. Trust me, I baulked when I first heard the not-very-sexy name of the product. I was all “But I don’t live in a hospital?” (and, I have to admit, I was thinking, gosh, I need to get my house clean but not THAT clean) but I decided to try it out and I was very, very pleasantly surprised.

So I’ve introduced you guys before to my other holy-grail cleaning product – Be Sanitized, which I used to clean Sophie’s toys and also to disinfect entire rooms (especially when we first moved in) as it has a strong fogging spray function.

The Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray (HSD) does a greater and faster job with toys – within 10 minutes the surfaces it is sprayed on will be effectively disinfected – and – DEODERIZED – which basically means, bad or stale smells begone!

In a nut-shell, it is a broad-spectrum disinfectant (which also means bao ka liao if you know what I mean) that eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew and is administered in a dry spray that vaporizes immediately upon contact, removing odors and unpleasant smells in the process. It’s been an absolute lifesaver to our Toilet Training progress with Sophie.

Here’s what I now use it for on a daily basis


Benjy’s Tee Pee is inhabited by both human and dog (although I have upon occasioned questioned if she is indeed human)


Cleaning up Benjy’s Pee Tray and Food Area – this spray is safe and non toxic for babies, toddlers and small animals. Benjy is already 6 years old and he’s not always a marksman when it comes to doing his business. Previously I would be on my knees with wipes, paper towels and Dettol but now I simply spray the HSD and wipe the tray with a cloth. It saves me time, and wipes, and paper towels plus any bad smells are instantly removed. Win!


As you can see, she’s made herself very comfortable in Benjy’s home!



We also spray Benjy’s TeePee with the spray to make sure that he doesn’t bring back germs from his walk. Although we wipe him down we have to be extra careful as Sophie Rose and Benjy often sleep together. I’m all for a little exposure to germs but these two practically sleep hugging sometimes and my OCD soul cannot take it.


She really does know how to enjoy life. Even her feet have to be cushioned on our super comy Angel Mats when she does her Number 1s and 2s!


For Toilet Training: Since we are on the topic of fluids and discharges (sorry, I hope you aren’t having lunch) I now keep the HSD on standby next to Sophie’s two potties. She’s fully off diapers now so we have had quite a few moments when she has rushed to the potty to make it in time (after getting carried away by playtime) and will sometimes “leak” on the way or when she stands up too suddenly and makes a little mess. A quick spray and wipe immediately disinfects the potty and cleans up the mess.

I wish the HSD came in a travel size – it would be perfect for when we have to use those gross public toilets – I’ve heard horror stories of kids getting rashes on the backs of their thighs from dirty toilet seats! As it is I bring my entire can of spray out sometimes if we’re going out in a group with other kids.




For Cleaning Toys: Just like the Be Sanitized, HSD can be sprayed directly to the toys and will disinfect them within 10 minutes. As the size of Sophie’s playroom grows, I find it more and more necessary to clean up as efficiently as possible. We spray and wipe her bed slats, her ride on toys, and her car after each use to make sure to keep germs at bay.


Her car goes in and out of the house a lot so a quick spray of the wheels makes sure they are kept clean and don’t bring the nasties in!


Now that she has even more toys with smaller and hard to wipe parts, the HSD is super handy in making sure ever nook and crevice of her figurines and food  toys are kept germ free!

For our Shoe Cupboard: Our new place is just next to the sea, and salt spray and humidity levels are very high. I’ve noticed our towels and even my shoes turning mouldy after 3 successive days of rain. After some panic, I used the HSD on the towels (non toxic) and on the shoes, and hey presto, the mouldy smell actually disappeared! I’m super impressed. Of course I also have a dehumidifier on standby but HSD is really useful in keeping shoes smelling fresh, clean and germ free. A pro-tip is to spray your sports shoes with it after a work out – it makes a big difference to keeping them bacteria free. Since I don’t know where Sophie runs around in the day or if she has stepped in mud or dirt, I spray her shoes too. As you can imagine, my can has run out and I will have to repurchase!

Each can, with heavy use, still lasts me about 2-3 months on average, so I would say its really value for money for the convenience, peace of mind, and not to mention squeaky clean, germ free existence it will bring to your home!

Enjoy a 5% discount on Hospital Surface Disinfectant Spray (Usual Price: $43.90) when you use the promo code: iwantthisnow to place your order on Our Lifestyle Shop .  (Valid till 2 March!)

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Speaking of toilet training, I thought that since some of you guys were asking for tips on how to toilet train successfully on Instagram (I’ve said this a thousand times, but we post much more often on IG @littlebowgirl) I thought to just spell out how we managed to get Sophie Rose off the diapers and on the potty within about 5-6 days.

They will be ready when they are ready.  I tried toilet training at 18 months, and then 24 months, but was met with high resistance. Sophie Rose simply wasn’t ready. This time around, we sat down with her and told her about how all Princesses had to stop using diapers at one point and learn how to use the big girl potty. What I prepared before we started:


Our Toilet Training Essentials!


  • We let her pick out and purchase a potty of her choice, making her take some ownership for her new potty training adventure. She picked out a pink and purple Disney Princess “throne” monstrosity with tinkling flushing noises which I hated. But her poop, her potty. So I held back.
  • Stock up on the stickers: I bought maybe like a hundred Princess stickers for a reward chart. Also stamps, if your kid is into that kinda thing. A reward really makes the whole experience more fun! I tried to stay away from snacks cos there’s no turning back there.
  • Thinner training diapers which feel more like underwear than diapers. We switched from Merries to the new Huggies Platinum Training Pants range which are a lot less cushy and don’t encourage kids to pee as much into them, they mimic the feel of panties much better.
  • Disinfecting spray (HSD!!!) on standby in the toilet for quick clean ups.
  • New big girl panties. Again, Disney Princess. H&M has pretty comfortable panties and shorts-style underwear in popular prints!

We focused on the positives, saying, for example:

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to wear your pampers? You could wear pretty princess panties! And they won’t get soggy and fall off when you’re running!
  2. I love your potty. Is it comfortable? How do you flush when you’re done?
  3. We try not to make comments about smell and or dirt. Although she is perversely happy when she does a really stinky and big one – she can also feel embarrassed some days – so we just keep it light.

The starting is tough. But we were lucky – the first day Sophie Rose decided she wanted to go off her diapers was when we were out with her best school friend, Kaley. Kaley’s already toilet trained, and so when they went to the toilet, Sophie’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicked in and she insisted on going with. That was the start of our wonderful poop and pee laden journey.

We called up her school to let her know we’d started and they were really supportive in making sure she stayed off her pampers. Her teacher, Kim, called me daily to give me updates on how well she was doing in school. The trick, she said, was to keep asking every 15 minutes if they needed to go to the loo. We also rewarded her and gave her stickers even if nothing “came out”, just to reinforce how proud of her we were for remembering and trying.

Within 2 days of every 15 minute false alarms and real successes, Sophie Rose was fully pee-trained. The poop was tougher. She seemed to have an adversion to straining away at the potty. We soon realized it was our domineering and stressful presence and excused ourselves. Another 3 days, and she was a pro at pooping in the potty, with the unfortunate consequence that she has on occasion presented me with a potty full of poop as a good morning surprise.

Basically, keep it fun, light hearted and positive – those are the tips I have. It would be great to be on the same page as your toddler’s caregivers and your partner to make the transition as smooth as possible, of course. It helps if his or her friends are also toilet trained and they can encourage each other (what am I saying, clearly its competition at work). I would also recommend doing it over holidays at home or long weekends to make it as quick and painless as possible – there’s nothing like routine in helping kids pick up good habits!

Good luck with your toilet training and if you need any tips or help, feel free to drop me a mail or comment!


Libby and Sophie Rose








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