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While I would be hesitant to say that K and I have become total slobs since becoming parents, I would definitely venture to describe us as .. well .. a lot more sedate.

It could be because even going out on a simple dinner date involves sticky logistics and a lot of begging for babysitting, as our parents are all not based in the same country as us. Or it could be because we’re just so darn tired everyday from just surviving – even having me-time at home is a luxury.

So even when I was previously offered sponsorships by local spas (I know right, you’re probably thinking, free also don’t want?!) – I had to regretfully turn them down because there’s no way I have enough time on a weekday, during working hours, to turn up for a massage and soak, and weekends are for Sophie-doll.

Then E approached me with a request from The Outcall Spa – where therapists COME TO YOUR HOME.

No biggie – you might be saying – plenty of therapists do home sessions.

Well yes, but do they bring their own full sized, super comfy professional massage beds, play soothing mood music, provide heated towels (oh heated towels!), and even little cups of warm, comforting ginger tea?

I bet they don’t. And the best part? They do couple massages, so your partner can enjoy it too. All without leaving your home, dealing with the hassle of driving to the spa, parking your car, etc. And you can just head to your bedroom for a few blissed out hours of sleep after that without worrying about how to get home.

So let me share with you our wonderful experience with their Valentine’s Day special. Husbands, I hope you’re paying attention, because your wife will be so happy with you if you arrange this Valentine’s Day session – and there’s no effort involved on your part except footing the bill – plus, you get to enjoy a divine massage too!

The Outcall Spa: Setting Up

So what happened was that about 15 minutes before the session started, our two friendly, professional therapists arrived with full sized massaged beds, towels, etc.

They were so polite, completely non-intrusive, and these super women took about 5-10 minutes max to set everything up and pack everything back! Check out the video of them clearing up!


I’m talking about prepping the towels, the beds, the selection of aromatherapy oils, heating the towels, etc. Everything was done so seamlessly and professionally for not one moment did K and I, standing and watching in our dressing gowns, feel a little awkward. 🙂

The Outcall Spa: The Massage

Then before we began, just like in a luxury spa, the therapists provided us with shower-caps and disposable underwear. We were also asked to fill in a questionnaire about any health issues, and selected our choice of aromatherapy oils (Lavender, Lemongrass and Jamu. I picked Lemon, K picked Lavender and both were excellent grade and so very soothing). We both chose the Deep Tissue Massages because God knows we both needed them after dealing with a minor flood situation the same morning.


The massages started with us being swathed in divine heated towels while our therapists warmed the oils and played soothing instrumental music. Despite the session being in the afternoon, I was so relaxed I almost immediately fell asleep. K woke me up by commenting that he felt like we were in a resort spa and not at home.

As you can see, both massage beds came with the little space for you to put your face. This is very important for me because most home-therapists just give you a massage on your bed and you need to turn your face to the left or right, resulting in (for me) bad neck aches, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a massage, right?

This donut space was lined with a very comfortable cushion so my face and cheeks were well protected and padded. A lot of thought went into the comfort of the customer, and this made a big impression on me. Before the massage, my therapist even cleaned my feet and toes gently with a soft, cooling cloth.

Hygiene and professionalism wise, this got top points. I have been to four or five star hotel spas where the therapist didn’t even bother to wipe my feet. I have clean feet, but I still want them SUPER clean before my therapist massages my feet and then my face, right?

The massage experience – the most important part – was really good. I’ve been for hundreds of massages all over the world, having suffered from chronic back and shoulder pain for quite a few years now – my tolerance for pain is high, but I know very quickly off the bat whether the masseuse is able to “grasp” the tense points and provide relief. A testament to how good my therapist was is that she was able to knead out all the kinks without me even feeling any pain. And I woke up to soft, relaxed shoulders and a comfortable lower back – the only thing that could have been better is if the massage had lasted longer (one can hope!).

My therapist also regularly (but not too regularly) asked me about whether I was comfortable with the pressure. This was very important to me, too, because I think feedback can turn a good massage into a great one. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

The Outcall Spa: Post-Massage

Post massage, after K and I sighed sadly that our amazingly relaxing 1.5 hours had ended, we were greeted with cups of warm, sweet and comforting ginger tea to complete the experience, along with a thank you card! So many little thoughtful gestures!


And since that was part of The Outcall Spa’s Valentine’s Day package, I even got a bouquet of beautiful beautiful roses and a bottle of wine along with wine glasses, even!

So very impressed. At this point, K is griping about how he wished he had surprised me with this experience instead of us getting sponsored (because now he still has to do something else for Vday).


“Wow, the guy doesn’t even have to go and buy an overpriced bouquet and find wine,” were his exact words. And I agree – I mean, Valentine’s Day should be enjoyed by both of us, not just me, right? This way, everyone wins.

Our Valentine’s Day x The Outcall Spa Package was $588 for a 90 minute couple massage. Considering that a 90 minute deep tissue spa massage would cost you about $200 per person outside ($400 for two), a dozen roses another $100 (or more for Valentine’s Day) plus the wine and transport, I think its a pretty fantastic deal.

The $588 includes:

  1. A dozen beautiful red roses in a lovely bouquet
  2. A bottle of French Bordeaux red wine and glasses

Of course, you can also sign up for non Valentine’s day sessions, by booking your appointment at 8782 0561 or finding out more at


For a 10% discount on all services besides post-natal and spa packages, quote TOSXLITTLEBOW – valid for 3 months!

However, please note that the Valentine’s Day package is the only one available between 11-14 Feb 🙂


What I also really like about The Outcall Spa is also how they are open late on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, up to as late as 2 AM! So you can schedule your couple massages after your kids’ bedtime, then enjoy your massage before having some amazing quality sleep. I know the next time I want to do something special for K, what it’s going to be 🙂

Also, I’m looking forward to trying out their post-natal home therapy sessions (if and when) I have my next kid – their flexible hours and all the little extra touches will definitely make any confinement a whole lot more enjoyable!

Thank you to the folks at The Outcall Spa for such an amazing experience we would have happily paid out of our own pockets for – and a wonderful memory to keep for our new place!

Happy Valentine’s Day planning!

A Very Well Rested Libby


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