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I’ve been working from home quite a bit since switching to my new role. I work optimally in a calm, clean, fresh and comfortable environment.

If I could have my way my house would perpetually smell of freshly baked cookies or freshly roasted coffee, but I would also perpetually be hungry.

The next best thing are crisp, clean and light scents to invigorate!

Unfortunately, it’s really been very troublesome to continually replace fragrance diffusers, sprays, and remind myself to refill or turn things on on TOP of the 1000 things I do everyday. I have two air purifiers at home but they are not very effective at odour control.

Enter the ECOMIST odour control system from our favourite home essentials store, Our Lifestyle Shop! In a nutshell, why I love it:

1) “Switch on and Forget About it” 

Just switch it on and forget about it. The Ecomist E4 dispenser can be set to spray at Long, Medium, or Short intervals depending on your needs! I don’t have to run around spraying air freshener in my entire house every night only to find that 20 minutes later the freshness is gone. The spray frequencies are:

Normal (every 7 mins daytime, every 15 min at night)
High (every 4 mins during day, every 15 at night)
Low ( every 7 min day time, off at night)

For someone as crazy busy as me, this is a real time-saver.

2) Neutralizing, not Masking 

ECOMIST doesn’t just “mask” or “cover” odours, it neutralizes them, meaning you won’t have that strange, stale sickly perfumed scent wafting around the house, even if your windows are closed, and does so using a child and family friendly propriety blend of essential oils and natural traditional blends. 


3) Neutralizing Cooking and Animal Odours 

ECOMIST is REALLY REALLY effective in neutralizing cooking odours.

I’ve an open concept kitchen that “spills” into the living room and also my study, so I need to make sure that cooking smells don’t linger and turn stale. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll notice that I do a lot of counter top cooking and baking as well. Now, fried chicken smells amazing, but not the grease that stays for hours. I noticed that this problem has disappeared after I started using the ECOMIST.

Same goes for animal odours. I have a super sensitive nose, and even going near Benjy’s pee tray makes me feel a little sick some times, not to mention that I keep imagining that the whole house smells like dog pee and poo. I used to spray fragrances liberally to “mask” the smell but now I don’t even notice it. I took it for granted the good job my ECOMIST was doing until the can finished and bam, one day of forgetting to clean the pee tray was bad enough to leave me reeling! It’s magic!

4) Lovely Scents 

The house smells amazing whenever I step into after a long day. Even my husband, who never notices when I use new perfume, cut my hair, or have on a new dress (aka is only a slightly evolved caveman) noticed that “the house smells good!”

Although I am generally a mess, it is really important for me to come home everyday feeling like my house is a clean, safe sanctuary so I would say that this product has improved our wellbeing significantly.  I can’t wait for more scents to be brought in so I can change it up every month!

TO PURCHASE: Exclusively for Little Bow Girl readers and followers, the ECOMIST set is available for purchase via Paypal HERE 

It’s $120 for a set U.P $148 (as seen in the first photo) which consists of the automatic E4 dispenser as well as an aerosol can of Parisian fragrance. The E4 dispenser can be mounted on the wall and comes with its own stand as well so you can place it anywhere easily at home.

P/S We were given an ECOMIST to try out and review! My honest and unbiased opinion – this would be great for those Mamas who don’t have helpers at home to mop clean and air the house all day long. A real lifesaver!

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