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Hello Everyone!

If you’re looking to sign up for the School of Concepts’ fun-filled, engaging and educational phonics based workshop for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, read on to find out more, how to register, and for an special discount code!

What are our SoC Mid Autumn Festival Workshops All About?

 The Mooncake Season is upon us all and everywhere in the malls – but more than delicious rounds of sweetness, do you know the centuries-old story behind the Mid Autumn Festival and its significance?

The School of Concepts is running a wonderful experiential workshop for parents and kids where we will bring you into the story of Chang E, Hou Yi and the Jade Rabbit and introduce you to the mystical magic behind the Festival. Express yourselves during our interactive storytelling session that involves AR technology for a whimsical touch, build lanterns, and come back to the present to enjoy making (and tasting) your very own cookies and cream snowskin mooncakes. The workshop aims to encourage bonding between parent and child while encouraging them to learn about the significance of the culture and history behind locally celebrated festivals.

How Much is the Workshop and Who can Attend? 

The workshop is priced at $88 for 1 parent + 1 child and includes all material costs. Each additional child or participant will be $20. Use “SOC20” at checkout to get a generous discount!

How do we sign up? 

We have FOUR sessions at THREE locations. Simply click on the link below the location of your choice and sign up for the slot that suits you and your child the best.



1) Marymount Mulberry (23 September 2017):

Use SOC20 for an early bird discount of $20


2) Qiren Organization (29 September 2017):

Use SOC20 for an early bird discount of $20


3) Trehaus Cowork (1 Oct):

Use SOC20 for an early bird discount of $20


4) Trehaus Cowork (30 September 2017):

Use MOON20 for $20 off early bird special!




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