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Hello everyone! -blows cobwebs off my blog-

I’ve been thinking about restarting my blog again because I have so many words and not enough space to share on Instagram, and since the festive season is coming around, I’m going to start with a product to recommend!

Su Lin from Our Lifestyle Shop is always dropping by and coming up with fantastic new household products (I can never resist) and to me OLS has become synonymous with odor-free, toxic-free, child safe cleaning and insect killing products which are effective and also smell good!

This Christmas, our must-have OLS product at home is the new ECO-Py insect killer automated spray! I have blogged before about how the ECOmist Odour Neutralizer in Apple has found a permanent home in my house because of how crazy effective it is in removing bad smells (dog and child related) and making my house smell super fresh and clean all the time. She’s now one-upped everything and revealed that the machine can also be fitted with the new ECO-Py insect killer refill!

You must be wondering why I am so excited about a household product. Well, Sophie-doll and I are both super prone to mosquito bites and we are allergic to the bites, which means they swell and become red and ugly and super itchy and its terribly uncomfortable for us.

We really don’t like the smell from normal insecticides not to mention how its quite poisonous for Sophie and Benjy, so when OLS first introduced KONK we felt it was a life saver and used it religiously. I’m amazed to say ECO-Py is even better than KONK.


In the 3 weeks that we have used this product, here’s our experience:

  1. Sophie and I have had NO MOSQUITO BITES. NONE. We are usually perpetually nursing 2 or 3 bites at any given time. But the mozzies have well and truly left the building.
  2. No smell. Even KONK had a slight smell which I didn’t quite like (already much better than normal insecticides) but ECO-Py has no odour at all. I don’t even realize all that insect eradication and chasing away is happening.
  3. Our home is INSECT FREE Not only do we have no mosquitos, we don’t see fruit flies hovering when things are left for a little while in the sink, and no cockroaches at all even during the weekly fogging when they tend to try to escape from the communal chute in our service yard! No ants, too!
  4. No lizards. This doesn’t kill them but it does drive them away. I don’t mind lizards but I’m deathly afraid of them falling on me in the shower and I also hate clearing up lizard poop on the walls so this is a great plus point.
  5. Super Convenient – the ECO-Py dispenser can be put to different settings depending on how intensive you want the spray to be, so you don’t have to keep spraying throughout the day to keep the insects at bay. Simply pop in the can and put on the setting and sleep and live easily with 24 hour protection. I really love products that help me save time and effort and this gets an A+ in the category.

How does it work, you may ask?

ECO-Pu contains Pyrethrin, which is a natural extract from the chrysanthemum flower and it is toxin free and safe for humans. It is effective against flying and crawling insects – mosquitoes, houseflies, fruit flies ants and cockroaches.

This Christmas, we’re hosting many parties and will be having friends over so its even more imperative that we keep the house insect free! OLS is having an amazing promotion where you get this Christmas bundle:



For just $168 and you ALSO get a pack of delicious chewy fudgey brownies from Oven Haven! You can purchase this bundle at – hurry, this promotion ends Thursday! Just two more days to go!

As always, I only blog about products I will personally buy and use myself. The ECO-Py refill was given to me to test out but I have since re-purchased multiple cans of odour neturalizer and will repurchase this too!

Happy Shopping!




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