Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

photo 2_meitu_1

Sophie at 1 week old


photo 1 copy

Sophie at 1 month old


Sophie at 2 Months Old!

Sophie at 2 Months Old!



Sophie at 3 months old!



Sophie at 4 Months Old!



Sophie is 5 Months Old!



Sophie at 6 months old


Sophie is 7 months old!


Sophie is 8 months old!


Sophie is 9 months old!


Sophie is 10 months old!

Our baby started out as little Peanut, became Princess Peanut, and now she is Sophie-doll  🙂

She was our much loved, much longed for and much prayed for little miracle. Just like me, she is a Mount Elizabeth baby and just like me, she was delivered by Dr Kowa Nam Sing (tell me about it, same doctor, 26 years apart !)

Her birthday is 18 March 2014, and she came out the spitting image of her Daddy, much to the beaming amusement (and a little sadness) of her Mommy who was hoping for a little girl just like her.  Instead, even at one week old, she has become a full-blown Daddy’s girl – he cannot stop kissing and cooing over her.

Her fur-sibling, Benjy, our little Schnoodle, is going to need to stop being the baby of the family and we’re sure he’ll love her just as much as we do!

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Sophie is 1 Month Old

Sophie is 2 Months Old

Sophie is 3 Months Old

Sophie is 4 Months Old

Sophie is 5 Months Old

Sophie is 6 Months Old

Sophie is 7 Months Old

Sophie is 8 Months Old

Sophie is 9 Months Old

Sophie is 10 Months Old

Sophie is 11 Months Old

Sophie is ONE!

We almost lost her in her first trimester and went through some heartbreaking weeks, and now she’s chubby hale and hearty, so mummies to be, never give up ! If you’re ever in need of support or help, please reach out !


Little Bow Girl and Little Bow Baby


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