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About two weeks back, we were invited for Pororo Park’s Bloggers Family Day!🙂

(Thank you Liang May for linking us up!)

Although Sophie’s exposure to Pororo is limited to the half hour episodes I let her watch maybe twice a week, we had no problems pysching her up for a day full of fun the night before – and she was especially excited to go because we were going together with her BFF Sophie L, Auntie Jo and Uncle J !

Pororo Park is an indoor, airconditioned theme park at Marina Square that’s been hugely popular since its opening earlier this year. I’ve always wanted to bring Sophie-doll but never got around to doing it, so the invite came at a great time.

And then we realized we should have brought the girls earlier, because they absolutely had a smashing time at the park thanks to the very fun and action packed day the Pororo Park people had planned out for us.

The moment we were sanitized and allowed in (please bring a pair of clean socks, for both parents and kids) the girls were running off to get on the Pororo Express!


These two rascals went on the ride not once but THREE TIMES and Mama J and I had to practically drag them off the train. Luckily we were quite early and there wasn’t a queue!

The Pororo Express runs on a simple track and makes a round around the famous snowy scenes from the cartoon and even very small children can take it without adult supervision. Look at how happy they were to see their Papa’s waving to them from outside!

For me, the ball pit was a highlight! Just look at that huge ball pit just waiting to be dived into! If I was a kid I would be jumping headfirst into that. Unfortunately, my little scaredy cat freaked out the moment she saw the shark and was only willing to stay in for a few minutes. I like that the ball pool is very well padded and safe for kids who like to tumble and lunge around the pool.


And then there’s Poby’s Play Gym, a vibrantly rainbow colored padded play gym with all kinds of climbing slopes and slides perfect for the most active of children. Which is why, of course, my toddler spent the most time in there, with her Daddy chasing after her harriedly lest she take a tumble (don’t worry, its all very well padded and safe!)


Sophie Rose’s favourite activity of the day was the live Pororo and Friends performance at Tong Tong’s Little Theatre.


It was pretty dark inside and I didn’t want to use my flash so to see how much she enjoyed the performance and coming up close and personal to Pororo (she was stunned for a bit, then danced along excitedly) watch my video at the end of this post!

The songs they performed (especially about veggies and healthy food) were funny, easy to sing along to and very catchy! Sophie just loves live performances and dances so she was one of the few right up front shaking her bon bon much to her Papa’s amusement!

The second hands-on activity which she also enjoyed immensely was the Under the Sea activity, also in the theatre. The young crew was very enthusiastic, engaging and very good with the kids!

They were encourage to touch and feel the sea creatures on the mat, sing along, interact with the other children, and more! There’s a clip of her dancing along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, also in our summary video at the end! It was so lovely to watch her in her element, socializing and learning without needing us to be right next to her.


Food-wise, while Marina Square has a ton of food options, the little Pororo Cafe within the premises is pretty good, too! They have cute little kids meals both sweet and savoury done up cutely to entice picky eaters as well as Korean food for the grown ups. The eating area is large and airy and overlooks most of the park so parents can keep an eye on their children even when enjoying lunch!

Look how excited she was to tuck into her Pororo and Loopy Chocolate Soymilk!


 Here’s why you should check out Pororo Park, too!

  • There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Its hard to find a theme park in Singapore that caters to toddlers and slightly older kids but Pororo Park has activities, classes and games which are suitable for kids aged 1 to about 6 in my opinion. You can easily have a day full of fun fly by on the weekends!
  • There’s a good mix of things to do, the train, the ball pit, Poby’s Play Gym, and theatre performances means your active toddler will be kept suitably occupied.
  • Staff are helpful and watchful
  • Premises are kept very clean and the full glass panel side windows means there’s quite a lot of sunlight coming in, instead of slightly claustrophic indoor playgrounds.
  • Air-conditioning means no sweaty meltdowns from overheated kids!
  • The space is very well utilized and the park looks spacious despite being located in a shopping mall
  • The cafe caters to adults too! I want to go back and try to fried Korean rice cakes and the japchae while K (hopefully) runs after Sophie !


K and I were absolutely knackered by mid afternoon when we left, but Sophie was still going on and on about Pororo and humming the theme song in the car! Looks like we have a new Pororo fan in this family!

Pororo Park Singapore
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-29, Singapore 039594

You can also find out more about Pororo Park on Instagram @pororoparksg

Thanks for having us and organizing such a wonderful day, Team Pororo!


Tokyo Trip Posts are baaack!

And its been.. almost three months since our trip! But better late than never, right? I would really blog more if I could, but what with the moving and packing (yes, we’re moving house!) I barely have time to BREATHE and just do all the basic things to get through the day, so forgive this tardy Mama!

Our first day out in Tokyo was a drizzly, rainy one so instead of heading to the parks to search for hanami (it hadn’t bloomed yet, anyway) we decided to spend the day walking around Shibuya, Omotesando, and then Takeshita-Dori (Harajuku). These three hugely popular shopping places are actually very near and very walkable even if you have a toddler and no pram.

We made it a point to fill Sophie up with a good healthy breakfast every morning in case she didn’t want to eat at our lunch or dinner places because she wasn’t used to the food. Meal timings are a little more irregular when we are overseas too, and she’s often so excited by everything going on, so this is our tried and tested way of making sure she gets her veg and energy.🙂

Supersweet fresh buttered broccoli, an onsen egg, and Japanese kiddie cheese which is less processed than adult cheese and very low in sodium! They have this here in Singapore too at Meidi-ya but its far less affordable. We got all our produce from Don Quijote (like I mentioned in my previous Tokyo post :))


Off we go!


A quick snap near Shibuya Crossing – we didn’t dare to take a photo on the actual crossing because there were just too many people! Gosh I look exhausted but Sophie-doll and I were clearly ready for a full day of shopping!


Spring weather is unpredictable especially in mid-March when its usually the “changing season” period of the year. So we packed many different kinds of layers which we would peel on and off (just like in Europe) according to how cold the wind was or in case of rain. We experienced four seasons in a day, often!

In this photo, she has a thermal layer, then a knit dress, and then thick comfy leggings and finally, a thermal puffer with a hood. That just about covers all situations🙂

Our first stop – the Muji Multi-Level Megastore at Shibuya!

That’s six floors of Muji products plus a Muji Cafe! We always eat at Muji when we are in Hong Kong visiting my family because I just love their healthier and kid friendly meal choices plus their desserts are often quite wholesome and delicious. We also support their no-waste and eco-friendly concept and their homeware is just beautiful!

MUJI Shibuya Seibu Department store

Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1


We made a bee-line for the 5th floor of Muji – the children’s section, to check out their wooden playground.

To be honest, I was quite underwhelmed when I first saw it. It was a small area, all the toys were the same, uniform birch white wood and devoid of color. But you know what? Sophie was completely occupied. I think K and I have been so carried away by the idea of bigger, louder, more vibrant, better that we forgot that children really need very little to be occupied and to learn.

In fact, because the toys were so simple, color free and plain, I could see her inventing and using her imagination more! The mini ball pit full of wooden balls started out as a “pool” and then she called it a giant “cornflake bowl” and started scooping out the balls and offering them to me, and finally they became vegetables to cook in “soup”.

I was so impressed and quite enlightened indeed! I guess I should have known better having done a lot of research on the Montessori method and chosen it for her, but you know, we tend to forget and get carried away in the tide of consumerism and marketing sometimes!

You can purchase beautifully made wooden toys on 5F along with some very chic, minimalist Muji kids clothes. We didn’t buy much as they were a little too thick for Singapore weather, but we did leave with a set of beautiful wooden legos and hand made crayons for Sophie’s Japanese friend, Alex-chan, who we were going to meet the next day!

There’s a huge, clean changing area on 5F at Muji where you can clean up, change your bub, etc, it’s all very well-thought out and designed like most places in Japan! If they had something like that in Singapore, I would be there everyday!

We had a wonderful, delicious lunch at Muji Cafe


Our little explorer plotting out our route for the day – nah, she was just doodling on a map!

It looks like our efforts to keep her at the table during mealtimes and suffering through all those tantrums has finally paid off – she can occupy herself at the table reading, drawing, or just chatting to us through most meals, making hot food finally a possibility for K and I !

What I love about Muji Meals is that so much care is taken into making sure they are nutritionally balanced, varied and yet delicious. I feel so satisfied after every meal there!


We ordered a ten-grain rice set with four sides

  1. Carrot and Peanut Salad *so refreshing! Like Japanese gado gado
  2. Mashed Kabocha (Sophie’s favourite!)
  3. Hokkaido Potato Croquette
  4. Tender Chicken and Spinach Hambaagu (Hamburg)

All washed down with a matcha latte and a velvety chocolate gateau for dessert!

Now you know what I mean by the meals leaving me feeling completely satisfied and quite virtuous? Not a single thing there is junk but yet it packs a punch in flavors and texture. When so much thought has gone into making complimentary cold and hot dishes, it shows!

Filled up and fueled up, we decided to walk on towards Omotesando (about a 15-20 minute leisurely stroll). It had turned warmer and the weather was just perfect for a walk, while Sophie snoozed in the Tula.

Omotesando is full of interesting, quirky, indie shops but we weren’t really intending to shop – but eat!

First stop, Luke’s Omotesando!

Since we weren’t going to go to New York anytime soon, we decided to join the 30 minute long queue to try out the lobster rolls. Since the weather was great and the lines orderly, whyever not?


The verdict?

Verdict? WOW. I was expecting a more lobster-mayo-all-the-trimmings experience but this was just pure fresh briny sweet lobster with barely a slick of seasoning on a super soft buttery grilled roll. You know it’s got to be GOOD if it’s this naked.

I wish we had ordered a second one 😭 and that Canada Dry ginger ale is the perfect accompaniment

Luke’s Omotesando

6-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture

We continued the walk to Takeshita-dori, just taking in the sights and enjoying the freshly planted spring flowers!

If you ask our Little Miss what the highlight of her day today was.. I’m pretty sure she would say it was this tub of freshly fried Calbee potato chips drizzled with Royce chocolate which we inhaled along Takeshita Dori. The perfect combination of sweet and salty! We ended up leaving with boxes of mixed potato jagabee for her to snack on for the rest of the trip! Too moreish!


Just look at that face!

Five years ago, coming to this street felt right down K’s and my alley. Five years later, I gotta say we are feeling quite thoroughly over aged to be here mingling with the cutesy (and childless) teenagers 😂 But if its your first time in Tokyo, its a must-go, just to experience the lolita and cosplay culture and ogle at the cutesy stores and crazy lingerie shops. And of course, to try out the overstuffed crepes (more of that on another post!)

Calbee Plus (Harajuku Takeshita Street Store)
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku Jingumae 1-16-8 (Along Takeshita St.)
Store Hours: 9:30-20:30, 7 Days a week

And that about concludes our little walkabout for the day! We headed home nice and early to get some rest because the next day we were headed to Tsukiji, Ginza, and then to Roppongi to meet Ai-chan and Alex-chan for Sophie’s first Tokyo playdate!


Since I went back to work, I’ve been constantly plagued by guilt every morning when I rush through our breakfast and washing up routine so we can all get out the door and off to work/her nanny’s on time.

We used to have such wonderful breakfasts, the two of us, cuddling on the couch sleepily, me and my coffee, her and her milk, before we shared a giant bowl of oats, or cornflakes – or even just simple steamed pau.

Things are a little different now. Usually I have maybe 20 minutes maximum with Sophie Rose before I really need to hustle her, and her meals have become quite rushed – she begs me to sit down with her and chat with her – which just tears me apart.

Her appetite has also been poor since the two rounds of bronchitis (if you only read my blog, you probably won’t know this, sorry! But I really update much more often on Instagram @littlebowgirl). So she’s been refusing to self feed.

Instead of being despondent and a negative Nancy about it, I decided that I’d simply wake up earlier to make her breakfast so we could still get that quality time together – and what better way to whet her appetite than to try to make her food look magical?

I’m not very creative with food, I’ve got to say. Having it warm and fresh is more important to me than how it looks. So the challenge was to make beautiful food that still tasted appetizing.

Challenge accepted! And here are some of my successes🙂

Lunch Bentos!


Mee Sua never fails for my picky eater. I found the key to making her want to eat was to mix her favourite foods with stuff she didn’t like as much.

Lunch Bento 1

Mee Sua with Pumpkin and Pork – she hates pork, but loves pumpkin and Heng Hwa Mee Sua. She self-fed this entire portion!

To prepare:

Bring about 300 ml of chicken stock or water to boil in a small pot.

Slice up butternut squash /  pumpkin into small cubes (so they cook faster) and add to the stock to cook for another 5-8 minutes until soft and tender. I use about one finger length piece of squash.

Then add half an adult’s portion of mee sua, cook for another 2 minutes, finally adding a big heaped tablespoon of minced pork (which I marinated with sesame oil, pepper and mushroom powder).

It smelled so good our dog Benjy drooled all over her feet.

Fruits-wise, I try to let her eat fruit that is the most power-packed with nutrients because she’s not a big eater – she eats till she’s full then she’s completely done. Purple Dragonfruit is not only pretty to look at, it packs a punch with antioxidants, vitamins, etc and its soft enough for her to eat quickly. Other fruits we like are golden kiwis and Packham Pears.

Many of you Mamas have asked about the juice. It’s from our favourite European organic brand Casino (we always buy this when we are in Europe). And this is their multifruits juice. She loves this because its just pure juice without any additives and its not too sweet, more tangy. We buy it from Cold Storage Parkway Parade.

Having such a cute plate also makes eating extra fun! We got this Mickey Mouse plate from Franc Franc in Tokyo, but any plate that has portioning should do the trick.

Lunch Bento 2


This is an Oat and Brown Rice Pumpkin Congee Bento

The sides are a minced pork and free range egg omelette with fish furikkake, one small bonbel cheese, and a sliced up golden kiwi.

To prepare the Oat and Brown Rice Porridge:

2 tablespoons of brown rice

2 tablespoons of quick cooking baby oats

Wash the brown rice, and then place in your rice cooker. Add the two tablespoons of oats. Add water enough to cover the mixture of oats up to about half your thumb’s height. Add diced pumpkin or sweet potatoes if you want to, and then simply set your rice cooker to the “porridge” function!🙂 It’s that easy, and your bub is getting extra protein and fiber from the whole grains🙂

Sophie loves color and variety so I tried to add that to the plate. For the omelette, I simply beat one free range egg together with 1 tablespoon of minced pork (sesame oil, pepper marinade) and cooked it like I would a rolled tamagoyaki.

For sides, Bonbel Cheese is always a hit! Easily available at Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice Finest. You can help them train up their fine motor skills by allowing them to slowly peel the wax off themselves before savouring the cheese. Its a little salty so I only give her one every other day🙂

Golden Kiwis are softer and sweeter than their green counterparts and are full of Vitamin C. I prefer to give her naturally occurring Vitamin C rather than in a supplement form, so she gets a kiwi a day unless she’s having a cough.

Finally, Natura Vanilla Soymilk. I’ve been searching for a good shelf-stable soymilk without additives like carageenan, citric acid, etc and this is the cleanest ingredient list I have seen. It’s also quite delicious! You can find this at most organic stores or MotherCare Harbourfront🙂

Breakfast Bentos!

I get to make her breakfast much more often than lunch🙂 And after sharing my breakfast bentos on Facebook groups many of you have asked about where I get my materials and how I make them. I hope this post will answer all your questions🙂

For the next three bentos, this is what I used:


I bought the Winnie and Hello Kitty character cutters from Hong Kong, but I have seen similar cutters available at Takashimaya, Isetan as well as on Qoo10🙂

The Heart and Star Cutters are from my favourite bento supplies place – Daiso!

All these cutters can be used for bread, cheese, vegetables, cookies, etc. Very versatile and I feel, worth the investment!

All our wooden plates are from Table Topics. Its a local handmade shop run by a lovely lady, Ling and I love their products! We were not sponsored for anything in this post🙂 All come tried and tested with our stamp of approval.

Breakfast Bento 1


Hello Kitty Bento!

Hello Kitty is always a hot fav with the bub, especially since we got back from Tokyo!

For this bento, I tried to have a little of everything.

Cranberries – for fibre and a healthy urinary tract. These are sweetened with strawberry juice, not refined white sugar. You can buy these at Pat’s Oven at Parkway Parade. I’ve tried many brands and this is the only one I’m happy with in terms of nutritional content and no additives.

Edam Cheese – Not salty at all. This cheese stick was brought back specially for Sophie by my Dad from Amsterdam. I wish we had more but our stash is dwindling. For calcium and protein.

Whitemeal Bread – She won’t take wholemeal, so this is my compromise, because it is slightly better than refined white bread. In between I spread a mix of Almond Butter (Justin’s, you can find it on Iherb) and Honey Roast Peanut Butter (Peter Pan). Both are not too sweet and give her the energy she needs, slowly.

Breakfast Bento 2


Winnie the Pooh Bento!

For this bento, I kept it simple. Winnie the Pooh bread shapes which Sophie stamped out herself, and a honey dip for her to dip them in (see the yellow container?) She loved getting busy with her fingers, opening and closing the container and dipping her bread in just so. Since starting her on breakfast bentos, she never asks for TV to distract her or anything else, she is so focused on her meal!

I dotted her plate with popped corn, rice and quinoa cereal from Hale and Hearty in two flavors, Honey and Chocolate. These crunchy nutritious wholegrain balls are not sweet at all but still very moreish and easy for her to self-feed. I get her to count out the balls as she eats them🙂

Breakfast Bento 3


Starry Starry Night Bento!

This is my favourite one yet! It may be hard to tell, but its actually “clouds” and stars!

The stars are made using the cutter from Daiso. I used a slice of cheddar cheese for this – you actually use very little cheese so don’t worry about the salt content.

The clouds are made from oatmeal. I cook 2 heaped tablespoons of baby oats with enough oatmilk to cover the oats in a small pot, let it cool for a minute and then shape the clouds. I then use cranberries to outline them like a “silver lining”.

She had so much fun with this one! She was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with every bite!

I’m pretty proud of our fledgling o-bento journey so far and I hope my creative juices haven’t completely run out yet! Wish us luck and I will keep sharing whenever I can, but meanwhile, you can find us on IG!

Please ask away if you have any other questions!


Libby and Sophie Rose

Hi guys, so as promised, I’ve decided to put a stop to my unintentional blog hiatus and start on my Tokyo trip before I return to my New Zealand posts (oh my goodness, it’s been four months!)

This trip was a pretty exciting one for us – the last time K and I were in Tokyo was for our honeymoon five whole years ago, and this time we were headed back there again to celebrate Sophie’s 2nd birthday this Spring.

We had actually wanted to return far earlier but when she was younger, we faced objection from family and friends who had the usual radiation concerns, and of course we were actively trying for Number Two, so for peace of mind, we waited.

Fast forward to 2016, no number two yet, and after lots of research we decided that we were going to go anyway! I’d already been to Europe twice last year and at least once every year previously, the States was just too far to attempt with a two year old – and there we had it, tickets spontaneously booked in 2 hours!

I’m going to try to answer as many questions as possible that I’ve been asked across various social media platforms, but if you can’t find a response to your questions, please drop a comment instead🙂


The Flight

The flight there was a very comfortable just-over-six-hour journey. From our experience, we always prefer flying at night or during Sophie’s bedtime, mostly so we could catch some rest and wouldn’t have to deal with a cranky claustrophobic toddler. Unfortunately for us, Sophie-doll is still at the age where she is uninterested in the entertainment systems so until she can be kept otherwise occupied, we’re sticking to night flights!

Sophie-doll is generally a beaut at flying, we took about half an hour to settle her to sleep and she was out like a light until we arrived in Narita. Our flight back was pretty much the same, also a night flight and she also slept through most of it allowing K and I to catch a few movies, eat a full dinner and get some sleep before landing.

We also like to fly back on Fridays so we have some time to rest over the weekend and settle her back in before Monday and school comes around. We’ve made the mistake of flying back on Sundays before and its always a mad rush and very disorienting for everyone to make a immediate switch to “regular” life.🙂


Pram or Tula?

K and I only brought along a Tula for this trip.

Here’s why:

  • Sophie will not sit in a pram unless she’s asleep. If not she will be fighting every second to get out of it.
  • From our experience,the train stations in Japan don’t have very well located elevators and a few don’t have escalators (especially in the more rural areas). After dragging our Baby Zen Yoyo up and down stairs when we were in Paris until our arms ached, we were not prepared to do this again, especially when it was just the two of us.
  • Again, we were travelling as just three this time so I needed to be hands-free to help with our luggage. The Tula proved to be completely invaluable for when we were dragging our luggage from train stations to our accommodation, etc. and I had peace of mind knowing exactly where she was.
  • Most Japanese restaurants have little room for prams beyond the entrance.
  • Most Japanese departmental stores and all the theme parks we went to provide free stroller rental

So that’s that, I guess, unless we are traveling to the States or maybe Scandinavia, I doubt we will be bringing along a pram for our travels anymore. It really is simply overwhelmingly convenient to babywear instead (not to mention, it keeps both of you toasty warm in the cold, what with all that body heat).

Narita Airport


Narita Airport is really world class, so don’t worry! Unlike Europe, luggage trolleys are abundant, free and well-maintained. Everything is sparkling clean, including the toilets, which all have baby friendly changing facilities or a family room where you can breastfeed, prepare milk or change diapers in comfort.

We landed in Narita in the early morning exactly on Sophie Rose’s birthday so we decided to celebrate with a birthday breakfast – fluffy pancakes with custard cream. She gobbled down the entire lot. >.< It was delicious, light and sweet and paired with greek yogurt and berries. That was her first taste of Japanese produce and a sign of her crazy appetite in the days to come.

Most of the shopping and dining is on 4F – there are family-friendly restaurants, cafes, lots of shops with the usual Japanese brands (Uniqlo, Muji, etc) and a pharmacy as well as a ABC shoes Mart.

We bought all our shampoos, shower gels and milk powder at the pharmacy instead of lugging them from Singapore. I love Japanese personal care products so it was a natural and practical choice and since Mama J let us try out Meiji Cube Milk we were sold on its convenience and price point!

This is Meiji Cube Milk:


Each little hard cube of milk can make 40 ml of milk. Its so super convenient not to have an extra milk capsule taking up space in our already overflowing diaper bag. It dissolves pretty easily and Sophie-doll likes the taste well enough (we usually give her Bellamy’s in Singapore).

I would recommend this for travelling, we bought back quite a few boxes to hoard for our next trip🙂 You can find it at almost all pharmacies in the baby section, or at Don Quijote.


Where we stayed

Apartments or serviced apartments are really the only option for us now that we travel with Sophie. We need to have a washing machine and dryer because her clothes need to be washed regularly, and a small, well equipped kitchenette to prepare simple meals as well as a fridge to store produce. It really makes so much more sense than to cram into a tiny hotel room with no amenities and extra charges for laundry🙂

We decided to stay in Naka-meguro for our first Tokyo leg thanks to M, my sister’s friend and it was a great decision. The area is quiet, very safe and mostly local Japanese families with young children. There was a huge Don Quijote where you can get all your groceries, sundries and more within walking distance of our apartment. While it was quite a long walk (10 minutes) to the nearest metro (which leads immediately to all the main stations), it was a gorgeous walk past the scenic Meguro River, schools and parks.

The area also has many quirky shops selling curated local items as well as organic, seasonal restaurants. In fact, we decided to have dinner on Sophie’s birthday at Mother Esta (pictured), which I’ll share more about in my next post!

Stay Tuned!




This is Sophie’s Nursery.

Its a beautiful nursery, but its also a pain in the butt to keep clean (Excuse my French!) and more importantly, to keep bacteria, germ and virus free because she spends so many hours playing and dreaming in here!


Enter the second amazing product from Our Lifestyle Shop I’ve been reviewing for over a month and am super happy to introduce to you guys.

Its changed the way we clean and disinfect at home, and I’m 100 per cent confident it will do the same for you too, especially if you’re a busy working Mama like me who has a toddler who has way, way too many toys!

The product is B-Sanitized, which is a one-step solution for disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning all in one!

There are tons of ways and things you can use this for, but let me just start by sharing how we use it in our household, and why we love it so much!


Why we decided to try B-Sanitized

I spend maybe two hours or more every week cleaning and disinfecting Sophie’s toys, room, bicycles, and shoes. She’s getting really active and always on the go, which means she picks up all kinds of germs everywhere she goes and leaves them on her kitchen, wooden toys, etc. Its a terribly time-consuming and tiring process.

Here’s how we used to do it:

  1. Take out ALL her toys and dump them into a huge bucket full of water.
  2. Spray on disinfecting liquid
  3. Wipe and disinfect every single freaking toy.
  4. Rinse and dry them all off on a towel.

Honestly, I could think of a million other things I would rather be doing with my time on the weekend, but I’m so worried about her falling ill that I know I need to do it anyway.

Then Su from Our Lifestyle Shop shared more with us about  B-Sanitized. Here’s how we clean and disinfect our toys now (trust me, you want to watch this:


  1. Lay out all the toys on the (clean) floor.
  2. Give it all a generous spray and leave it to dry

Et Voila, you’re done! The toys are now germ and bacteria and virus free and ready to be played with!

I know this is going to sound so Aunty, but I really really love this product.

Here’s why:

  1. As illustrated, its completely idiot proof to use and it saves us SO MUCH time.
  1. It is completely non-toxic to your child. Which means that even if it hasn’t dried off properly and your child puts the toy in his or her mouth, they are completely safe. Almost all the regular disinfecting sprays available on the market contain chemicals which can harm your child, or cannot be used on items which will be put into mouths or on sensitive skin.
  1. It not only just gets rid of bacteria and viruses, it also destroys fungus and mould. Coming from a family that is super-prone to allergies to mould and dust, this is so important for us. Children especially can suffer from inhaling mould (remember the whole sippy cup saga?) So this was a huge draw factor for me.
  1. Its so user friendly. The pressure is excellent and the spray power means every item gets quickly and evenly coated. So you don’t have to worry about liquid dribbling down your fingers or too much dripping out. The innovative spray also dispenses vertically for maximum effect, so you don’t have to contort yourself into weird positions to hit the maximum surface area you want it to spread out over.
  1. Its dual usage. Meaning you can choose to use it as a disinfecting spray, or if you want to disinfect an entire very germy or stale room, you can simply decompress it, leave it in the middle of the room to dispense for half an hour, and return to a clean, fresh room. This is perfect for using if you’re just moving into a new home, or back from a long holiday, or even in hotel rooms or apartments which are less than sparkling or smell stale. We will be moving house soon so you can imagine we’re going to be stocking up on B-Sanitized like mad!
  1. A little bit goes a long way. It distributes so well and evenly that I only use a little to disinfect all our room surfaces. Its been almost two months and our can is still nice and heavy.
  1. It smells great. Fresh and slightly citrusy, without that horrible chemical tang you get from most supermarket sanitizing or disinfecting sprays.

Mamas who want the full list of what this power packed little can can remove your home, just read on:

-HIV-1(Aids Virus)
-Herpes Simplex Type II Viruses
-Influenza A2/Hong Kong
-H1N1 Type A2 Virus
-Staphylococcus Aureus
-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis var,bovis
-Bactericidal Pseudomonical
-Staphylocidal Tuberculocidal
-Fungicidal Virucidal
-Broad Bacterial Spectrum
-Athletes Foot (Trichphyton mentagrophytes)
-Salmonella cholerasuis
-H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)
-Salmonella (Varied)
-Pathogenic Fungi
-Hepatitis B & C
-Feline calcivirus

And here’s what else we use it for:

  1. Disinfecting chopping boards. Its easy to contract salmonella or other food borne bacteria if you cut raw meat on your chopping boards. I give my meat boards a good spray one a week to make sure that all the nasties are killed.
  2. Toilets – I spray both my toilets every week to kill fungus or mould. Toilets being the most humid and often least well-lit rooms in your home means they are the most susceptible.
  3. Sophie’s bed and mattress – sometimes you just don’t have the time to sun dry all your child’s bedding and mattresses. This is a fuss-free and very convenient way to keep them disinfected.
  4. In the car – For obvious reasons. There are always people getting in and out of our car, Sophie’s eats in there and we actually spend quite a lot of time in there every day. I spray down the door knobs, handles and her car seat every week.

Hand over heart, I can say this is a household product that’s multi-purpose, effective and really great to have at home if you don’t have a helper or you want to make your home more sanitary. I’ve saved so much time and effort since introducing it, not to mention it gives me lots of peace of mind when it comes to fighting germs at home.

Just for my readers, Our Lifestyle Shop is giving a special bundle or two-bottle discount! (THANK YOU!)

Option 1: Get 10% off when you purchase a SafeHands (read my review here) and B-Sanitized bundle with the code “lbg10off”


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I personally stand by the two products 100 percent and would be happy to speak to you guys via e-mail ( if you have any more questions. As a disclaimer, I was given two cans of B-Sanitized to try out in exchange for a 100 percent honest review, no monetary compensation was offered or given🙂

Stay Sanitized!




Hi everyone🙂

Long time no see! Unfortunately (or rather, as always) I’ve fallen a little behind my blogposts but I’m determined to do up ALL my New Zealand and Tokyo trip itineraries over the next few weeks. We have so much exciting news to share (no, not a baby!) and so many things to look forward to this year, I feel that I MUST pen everything down🙂 So stay tuned!



Hi Mamas!

I’m so excited about this post! I know what some of you are thinking – what, not an advertorial again? But you know what, I ALWAYS make sure I only represent stuff which I would wear or use myself on a daily basis. I can’t even count the number of endorsements  I’ve had to turn down that offer better monetary compensation, etc. I don’t believe in receiving compensation for posts because I feel like it will affect how I feel towards the products.

So you can always trust that I am 100 percent behind anything I write about.

Today, it’s about D’Elegance shapewear!

I will have to admit, its not something I was open to talking about, let alone taking photos of myself in it and blogging about it publicly. But you know, after deciding to give it a try, I was converted, for real.

My previous experiences with shapewear have been slightly embarrassing, clandestine affairs that went something like this:

I go to a departmental store looking for shapewear. Either there are no salesgirls willing to help me, or there are salesgirls who ambush me and start putting shapewear against my body in front of everyone and discussing what I need to reduce and all the things I already know I don’t like about my body.

Already I would be thinking of dashing out of the store the moment their attention is diverted. Not to mention, it is really a harried affair trying on shapewear at the changing rooms when you know there’s a long queue forming outside while you struggle to pull your clothes on and off.

After possibly simply buying ill-fitting shapewear just to get out of the place, I realize I don’t even like it, it doesn’t fit right, or its terribly uncomfortable and it just becomes a white elephant.

Which is why I’ve just about given up on shapewear, instead opting for clothes which I know will be flattering but boring.

Since becoming a Mom, I’ve had even more parts of my body I am self-conscious about. And you know what, I am not ashamed of the way I look, but I don’t want to have unsightly bulges or pouches when I’m out for a nice dinner with my husband or friends.

So I thought, lets just bite the bullet and find out more!

I had such a great time at D’Elegance🙂

The location is really accessible and private – it’s at International Plaza near Tanjong Pagar MRT, so you can go by public transport, even during lunch-time, or drive and park. It’s discreetly located on the 3rd floor and the whole feel of the boutique is very comfortable and cozy yet polished.


Cozy, camel and sable carpets and velvet armchairs, white furniture, and lovely display cases which don’t feel or look tacky at all.

You simply have to make an appointment and you’ll get a good one hour of your consultant’s time. I met with the founder of D’Elegance, the very youthful and exuberant Ms Elida, and she made me feel at home straightaway.



It was all a very private and friendly session. I was brought into a pretty, very comfortable room and served a delicious pot of hot, floral tea and put on a slip and dressing robe. At no point did I even feel harassed, stressed or rushed.🙂 What a lovely change!



Every consultation is very detailed. Your consultant sits down with you to find out about what you feel you need, before sharing about the products, taking your measurements very profesionally and quickly and then making the correct recommendations.

I love that Ms Elida takes multiple measurements from all the different parts of my body. Why?

  1. This allows her to find the PERFECT fit for me. No more ill-fitting bras, or too tight security pants.
  2. This gives her and me a great OVERALL idea of my size and how it deviates from the ideal (healthy) range for my height.
  3. This is way more accurate than just using weight because it takes into account for big-boned girls like me who might look proportionate even if we are heavier than most petite Singaporean girls.

All your measurements are taken down and plotted very carefully on a chart to give you a very good big picture of your size. Ms Elida then gave a clear and very concise explanations of which garments she would recommend for me.

Here are what I feel are my “problem areas”, post-kid.

Well obviously, of course I am way heavier than I was pre-pregnancy. I was underweight before getting pregnant, now I fall somewhere on the middle area of the “healthy” weight range, according to Ms Elida’s height and weight chart.

  • My tummy. I think this should be a really common problem. I have/had no discipline to do crunches or whatever it is people who exercise to do get rid of this little pouch of fat, so even though I have lost more than 70 percent of my baby weight, I still have this annoying pouch that sticks out whenever I wear anything slightly form fitting.
  • My posture. I already hunched slightly before pregnancy but now its really bad, and people have commented on it. My back hurts a lot, especially now that Sophie is so heavy and still likes to be carried a lot.
  • My thighs and hips. They expanded a lot and safe to say they didn’t really return to their former glory. My thigh gap. What thigh gap.
  • My “cleavage”. Lets face it, you lose that plump bounciness after breastfeeding, even if you only did it for 3 months like me. I wear ill fitting bras because I can’t be bothered to find a good one (read above).

And here are my new good friends:


For daily use, Ms Elida recommended:

Top Row: (L) Vest

This vest really helps my posture. It’s easy to put on and it gives great support if you want to wear a bodycon dress or a really thin and form fitting top. I immediately find myself sitting up straight and my tummy as a result also looks smaller. I wear it under/with spag tops, tank tops, or even just t-shirts and mostly to remind me to sit up properly. You can pair this with any bra and it does a great job in overall support and improving your shape.

Top Row: (R) Girdle (my favourite shapewear product!)

I have owned many girdles, both from premium as well as very affordable brands, but I always, always still have weird bulges under my clothes, mostly because they simply don’t go high enough. The D’elegance girdle is extra high cut, and it goes right under the bra, meaning you don’t have that horrible “muffin” effect.

It’s also great for lifting up for bum for extra perkiness, and doubles up as “security” shorts under your more flirty dresses. Very versatile and my favourite out of the lot. It very effectively kept my tummy in and my waist and hip bulges safely out of the way.

Also, I got my thigh gap back! What’s not to love?

Bottom: (L) Brassiere with Hook

A front hook bra, I have learnt, is so much better than a back hook bra because firstly it gives you more flexibility in adjusting it to fit you the best (and also provides some extra “oomph” in the front if you know what I mean, without you having to insert any “chicken fillets”). The design of this bra helps eliminate the “side fats” that bulge out of your side when you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra and the straps are so comfortable and never cut into my skin!

Another thing I love about D’elegance shapewear, the materials are so premium! They are so very comfortable, made with technology from Japan, and best of all, they in fact help keep you cooler rather than stifling you and making you perspire like most shapewear does because they don’t trap heat. How perfect for our weather is that?

Bottom: (R) Waist Slimmer (my second favorite product)

I have always been interested in waist training but I wanted to be sure that I knew everything about the waist trainer and I had an expert to tell me how to get started and make it sustainable – waist training without proper guidance can be dangerous and damage your internal organs! So I was very excited when Ms Elida picked this product for me.

It was really easy to put on, no tugging and yelling and jumping around, because the material is so smooth on the skin and the same cool material that is used for all the shapewear🙂

What I love about this is how much thought was put into the design of the trainer. The main part at the abdomen is non-stretchable to give you maximum “support” in holding your tummy in, while the waist and back areas are made of a stretchable tulle which smoothen but are more flexible so you don’t have to sit ramrod straight like a mannequin. Ms Elida, who also happens to be a Mama / Grandma and the founder/designer of all these pieces, really takes into consideration the needs and wants of a busy, multi-tasking modern day Mama who needs comfort on top of support.

 And for special occasions



Expertly constructed, with intricately embroidered designs, this bodysuit delivers maximum control to enhance your figure.

Basically this is an all in one garment which helps you with back smoothing, tummy taming, hips, waist shaping etc. So its a great “foundation” garment to have and which you can mix and match with all the other pieces to suit your needs the best.

I love how all the products complement each other and allow you to tailor what you want to whichever outfit you are wearing that day. I’ve never believed in the one style fits all mentality so this is just great!

My favourite combination for a date night out:


I immediately feel less self conscious, and I don’t mind wearing materials like that soft jersey cotton or silky swingy dresses without worrying about whether every flaw of mine is being unflatteringly displayed!

What else:

  1.  All the shapewear can be adjusted to three different settings depending on your comfort level.
  2. They come in three different colors depending on your preferences. I chose some black and also beige, which are easy to match. I needed some beige because I wear lots of light colored clothing, but black is nice and classy and I loved that for my girdle.

I would definitely recommend that you go down for a consultation rather than buying off the rack. Here’s why:

  1. Experts and professionals are on hand to take accurate measurements of your body to make sure you get the best fit possible. Its difficult to take measurements yourself, accurately.
  2. Shapewear can be dangerous if used wrongly – breathing difficulties, or overcompressed internal organs, etc. So seek guidance and advice.
  3. Your consultant can show you how to properly put on the shapewear for maximum effect. Ms Elida taught me how to “shape” my excess fats when putting on the girdle, bra and waist trainer and I could really see a big difference than if I had just tugged it on my own.

And lastly, because..

If you’re my reader, it’s free! That’s right, the consultation with the wonderful Ms Elida that would normally cost $100 is waived for my readers when you quote “Little Bow Girl” along with a 5 percent discount on all their shapewear.🙂


International Plaza
10 Anson Road #03-15/16
Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226 3013

If nothing, at least you walk away with better knowledge about your body and shape and know you have some options should you want a more party-ready shape or better posture🙂

In my next post, I’ll be sharing some before-and-after shots of myself. I’ve been using the Shapewear for close to a month now and the results still motivate me to put them on everyday before heading out🙂



Disclaimer: The Little Bow Girl received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.


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